Playing Pro

Last weekend I spent my Saturday at a fine establishment.

Zucca Trattoria and Market.

I can't even explain how amazing the food here is. I love Italian food. And this. Is REAL. Italian food. None of that junk stuff you get at Olive Garden. Real good stuff.

And it's where Josh works. He was asked to find a photographer to get pictures of the place, and he got me!

So I played photographer. For the first time ever. I'm pretty proud of my work. What do you think?

I'm pretty much the real deal. I'm thinking about maybe starting a small photography thing maybe. Oh you feel like getting fancy pretty pictures taken of yourself in nice style clothing in a nice place? Yeah ok. I have a camera.

What do you think. Is this something cool? Or is it making me WAY TOO MAINSTREAM?

I don't want to be mainstream.

I'm a hipster.

Who blogs.

And has a nice camera.

And loves owls.

Oh gosh. What's happening to myself.

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