I've been suffering from the gripe. No... it's just a cold, but I like calling any sickness "the gripe". So I have the gripe.

And I take this medicine that's like a cough drop, but it's very potent and gets rid of all symptoms eventually. It doesn't taste very bad, but since it's a throat coat, it coats your throat (no way!) And the flavor stays in your mouth for the rest of the day.

Even if your brush your teeth.

And if you know me, I hate that. I hate hate hate that. 

So yesterday I did something about it. MOUTHWASH.

I was brushing my teeth.

I saw a bottle of blue liquid on the counter.

So I picked it up.

Spit out my toothpaste.

Poured a little of the stuff into the cap of the bottle.

And swished it in my mouth.

A few seconds too late, I realized that I really had no idea what was in that bottle, since I didn't even read the label. I just put foreign unknown blue chemicals in my mouth.

But it turned out to be Listerine so I had nothing to worry about. 

Fighting death.

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