I'm not going to talk about Uganda.

You are not changing the world by posting a video on your iPad.

You are not changing the world by tweeting.

You are not changing the world by making a new profile picture on facebook.

Remember that grain of sand I talked about? How if you moved a grain of sand in the desert on the other side of the world, you changed the world? Because you moved that grain of sand, and no one else did? 

Well you're not even moving that grain of sand in this people. You're falling down a hill with a lot of other sand. And all we get out of this is a pile of sand at the bottom of the hill.

This world is hecka complex. Giving a hobo a couple of dimes is not going to solve his problem. Volunteering at a food bank one weekend is not going to cure this country's hunger issue. And posting something on the internet is the least you can do to help fix a problem. 

I'm not trying to rain on a parade. But we've got a world full of slacktavists. Do you know what a slacktivist is? It's someone who posts something on facebook for the gratifying feeling of having done something good!

What happened to the days when doing something good was a lot more real than that? 

Where instead of buying a pair of shoes that will give money to a company to send those shoes for them, we actually sent shoes? 

We don't do things for other people anymore really. We don't do them for the sake of making that person's life better. We do it for the sake of making OUR life better.

And I don't like that.

I don't think you can change the world by interneting. 

I don't think I'm changing the world by blogging.

But I type a lot faster than I write, so this turns out to be a pretty good public journal for me.


Brooke Elyse said...

stumbled across your blog... couldn't agree more with this post.

linsey huffman said...

Lara, you said hecka. I've never heard anyone else say that word except for people that live in northern California, such as myself, pretty sure that's where the word originated from, I'm so surprised! Completely aside from the whole point of your post, but I loved it too.

Teagan said...

Lara, you're my favorite.