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First, an episode of Jug and Doug. We've gotten out of order, so I don't know which episode this is.

Doug is a good brother. Protective of his sister. He's less than excited about the kinda men she hangs out with, so he sets her up with a guy from his congregation. Scott. Scott is awesome. Handsome. Successful. Not too religious, but just enough. Jug is determined to hate him. However, despite the hilarious mishaps that occur on their date together, she finds herself incredibly interested in him. And she hates that.

B Plot: Doug comes across some old tapes of him playing in his high school band. He runs across his old guitar, and is hit with inspiration to get the band back together. 

Next! I will tell you about my dreams. I don't know if you know this, but I died my hair red-like. Not red. But imagine... like... red velvet cake... but less red, and more brown. But enough red to be red. Also not so dark. I"M A CRAZY REBEL WHO DOESN"T JUST PRESS CAPSLOCK AND HOLDS THE SHIFT BUTTON DOWN AND INSTEAD OF TYPING AN APOSTROPHE TYPES QUOTATION MARKS! """"""" SO SUE ME!

Anyways. I love this color and I want to get it touched up before I go back to school, because heaven knows, I have to look smokin for band camp. Duh. But lately I've been having lots of dreams about my hair and what was that. I think my toes just screamed a little. Oh gracious it's late. 

I had a dream two nights ago that I died my hair boring normal brown BORING. I'm just really loving having this red in my hair. Then last night I had a dream that I wanted something a little more edgy, so my family was running from these bad people in an abandoned hotel and we were hiding the answering machine from the bad people (I think the bad people were my old roommates) and we jumped out of a building, hid the machine under a rock, then someone gave me a hair cut to disguise myself and they ended up giving me a mullet. I woke up running my hands through my hair in gratitude that it was only a dream.

Last. Band camp! I'M SO excited for BAND CAMP. I am a nerd. A crazy excited nerd. I am so excited. I can't tell you. I'm looking forward to that feeling of waking up in the morning and trying to walk and falling on your face because your feet hurt so bad and the feeling of moaning a little every time the wind has a little bit of dust in it because the dust freakin hurts your sunburn. 

I'd tell you exactly how many days are left to band camp but there is a problem. That number is on my iPod. And my iPod is at work. And once that door locks behind me at work, there's no getting in until 8am. So hah. Walk around the building all you want. Try all the doors all you want. Stare at the doors all you want. Look for hidden keys all you want. There is no getting back in. So who knows how many days. For all I know, band camp doesn't start until April. I can't say! I don't have my countdown app! 

First world problems.

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