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I was talking about Dr. Who in band today, and how I was mad that in the most recent season, Amy and Rory were getting a divorce, because THEY'RE MEANT TO BE and I was so sad but then it turns out that they still loved each other and then they kissed with the power of a thousand suns.

At which point, a piccabro had the idea that I should review things on my blog. It was something he'd like to see. So this one is for you, Chris!

Today. We are reviewing. 

A box of toaster strudel! Rather, an empty box of toaster strudel. 

So really, just the box. 

It has this coupon on it which tells you that you can get some movie tickets, or one movie ticket, for a child, with the purchase of another, for an adult, when you buy three specially marked boxes. The ad takes up, wait for it, a third of the box.... threes... it's showing a trend here.... And I don't like ads like that. I also feel uncomfortable that "marked" looks like "naked" when you read it first thing in the morning, and you're tired.

I'm not going to buy three naked boxes.

Moving on! It tastes like cardboard, and the cardboard is durable enough that when you bite on it and pull, it doesn't fall apart. BONUS!

The corners are especially corner-ey. There's nothing more disappointing than a box with smushy corners.

Instructions are provided in two languages. That way, if you don't understand how to interpret one side, you can put the other side into google translate! But warning: if you follow the instructions on google translate, you probably won't have a toaster strudel in the end.

Thankfully they let you know that the pastry will be hot. That wasn't something I was expecting.

There is one problem though.

Highly disturbing.

Also there are no toaster strudel inside. Also a disappointment.

What should I review next?

(Special thanks for my little brother who let me use his computer without his knowledge while my computer gets its crap together and re-installs google chrome so I can watch The Office. Very nice computer Brian. I want one.)

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Anonymous said...

Yep. You're Brian's sister alright. You should review the health benefits of Corn. (I'll give you a hint. There aren't very many)