Entirely Possible

Today I learned some things.

I learned that when you are sick, a warm bath may SEEM enticing, but you should be weary.

I learned that it is entirely possible for the bathtub to overflow.

I learned that you do NOT have time to write an essay between the time you start filling a bath, and the time you should turn off the water.

I learned that towels soak up much less water that you think.

I learned that you may drain the tub too much after emergency unplugging it.

But I also learned that it is entirely possible for you to have used up all the hot water when you overflowed the tub.

And filling it with semi warm water is bad.

Especially when you are sick.

And eating a popsicle whence bathing in cool-warm water will only make the water colder.

Especially when you drop it in.

Baths. Not worth it.

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