Technical Difficulties

I just love how this blog looks on a Mac. I almost want a Mac because of that. Who am I kidding, of course I want a Mac.

Let's talk about my computer.

Two years ago, I got this lil tiny computer. It was so cute. And let's be honest, who doesn't love a tiny things. Besides men. Men don't love little things as much as girls do. (Tiny cupcakes, tiny hot dogs, tiny computer mouses, tiny hats, tiny shoes, tiny bunnies, small fluffy tiny bunnies, small bunnies, cute bunnies [That's me taking advantage of SEO again...])

A computer should live for two years, right? WRONG. Well right... but it's time I call in hospice or something, because it's not a happy electronic anymore.

Last year, it stopped charging. AH! The battery wasn't dying, because a computer tells you if its battery is dying. Believe me. Mine is dying now, and it lets me know every few seconds. It just wasn't charging.

The power port had slid into my computer.

Oh no.

And I had homework.

Oh no.

And work. In an hour.

Oh no.

So I got a screw driver and opened it up, but it still didn't really open. I jammed my freshly painted fingernails in, pried it open, and wriggled my hand through the small gap and into the computer.


It closed on my wrist, and I was forever entrapped in the computer. I had to learn how to work my left hand with a computer on it. I type pretty well, right?

No. I got the computer open, pulling the power port with me, held it open long enough to wiggle the port into place, and duct tape it down, then closed it.

The inside of my computer is held together with duct tape. How many people can say that?

Shortly after that, something was wrong again. I'd wake up in the middle of the night to "BEEP BEEP BEEP." The first time that happened, I think I started crying, assuming I was being abducted by aliens.

Computers will let you know if they're sick! My computer was telling me that there was a problem with the CD Rom, which is great and all...

Except my computer doesn't have a CD Rom.

I erased its memory, and it was fine.

Now the battery is dying, and I click on something and it keeps drinking its coffee for about 30 minutes before going "OH YEAH! You wanted that open!" And then it opens it around 50 billion times.

I think it's time for a new computer.

We'll see.


Katie said...

Dude. My macbook was the best purchase I've ever made. I even dropped it on cement... TWICE... and it still works perfectly! Okay so maybe I had to replace the whole screen and display. But EVERYTHING WORKS FINE. It's worth every penny!

Ashley said...

I agree with Katie!!! My Macbook is the BEST purchase I've ever made. I'm still in love with it every single day. And just yeah. I used to have a tiny tiny computer, and then it slowly started dying and then...... I got a Macbook and all is well :)