High School Star Wars!

This last week, I had the awesome privilege of staying with the Becar family for Thanksgiving. It was a rip roaring good time! I'd like to outline for you, one of our discussions.

Joe's sister is a really awesome artist, and she was talking about how one day she'd be CEO of Disney.

Papa Becar said that should this happen, she should ensure that Star Wars does NOT become a Disney Channel show.

So we delved into this more.

If Star Wars Was A Disney Chanel Show:

Luke would be played by Cole Sprouse.

Darth Vader would be a teenager. (Upon discussing this with Brittany, we concluded that Darth Vader would also be a girl.)

They would all be in high school.

Luke, for some reason, would have both parents. Probably foster parents or something. Neither of them are Darth Vader, either, because obviously, Darth Vader is a teenager.

The parents are probably really witty, and let the kids do anything they want any time.

Instead of light sabers, they have glowing guitars, and they fight with the power of rock.

Princess Leia has a web show that's super popular, and she offers advice to teenagers through it.

By the end of this discussion, we were all really looking forward to this being a real show.

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