Alright! Break!

It's the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas. No, not New Years. No, not whatever holiday you celebrate around the December times.

The most wonderful time of the year starts the very second you press "Enter" on your last essay. Or "Submit" on your online quiz. Or put your pencil down in your final proctored exam.

And you walk out of the building. Or close your computer. Or keep your computer open and go to Netflix to watch so much Arrested Development.

The most wonderful time of the year are those few precious weeks in which you have no school.


Now, we all know we never do what we want to during the Winter break. Grand plans are in the works, but none of those go through. But the magic of winter break is not having to follow through on anything. You could just sit around if you wanted. Why? Because it's YOUR BREAK!

Let me outline for you my hypothetical to-do list.

Finish a background check
Buy everyone really lavish Christmas gifts
Paint a mural
Chop down my own Christmas tree
The tree is too big
Instead of chopping off the top like everyone else, I'm going to cut a hole in the ceiling.
Sleep all day
Eat a ton of Mud Pie
Write a novel
Ponder life
Finish another journal
Fill out applications for who knows what.... they could be completely useless, but hey, when else do you have time to fill out applications
Do the dishes (hah)
Buy some more comet
Dump all the comet in the bath tub and just let it sit there. Leave the actual washing out of the comet to the unfortunate soul who next has to take a shower
Buy a present for Stupid (Maybe I should do that...)
Clean his cage
Learn how to sing
And play the piano at the same time
Knit a sweater
Knit an ugly sweater
Knit a dress
Knit some friends (sob)
Sit with teeth whitening trays in my mouth for like... three days
Work out (hah)
File my nails to something decent
Write beautiful letters
Pick up fancy lettering

What am I actually going to do? Go to Arizona with my fiancé (Fiancé! I like to say that!) and do some fun things there.

What are you going to do for Christmas?

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Flip Flop Fanatics said...

Lara I love your witty blog posts! My Christmas is not going to be at all as exciting as yours haha! Mine is all about being lazy and not worrying about what my place looks like! lol!

that word has a nice ring to it eh? Have a blast in Arizone!