Bored in Class, eh?

fUn TiP!!!!!!! <3 <3 :D :P :{D ;) 

Have a class that you hate? Can't keep your focus? The teacher says "like" WAY too much? You're tired of being told that because you're white, you're racist? 

Boy. I know I do.

You have to pass the class. You have to take the tests. You have to attend! 

So what do you do?

Here are some great ideas.

Stare at the teacher with shock and horror on your face, and see if she notices.
Try to get on camera as much as possible.
Sit behind the camera and cough and sneeze. 
Eat M&Ms in the noisiest way possible.
Wink. More than normal. 
In conjunction with winking, lick your lips.
Turn to your neighbor slowly, then scream.
Shake your head whenever the teacher says something, then look down and write furiously.
Give the person in front of you a deep tissue massage.
Pass a note to the person in the back of the classroom. The note says "It's ok. I forgive you."

And if all else fails, write a handful of blog posts and set them on a scheduled post through out the week.

Any other ideas? 

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Amanda Schroeder said...

hahahha. you make me laugh!!