I think it's n{ice}.

When it took me 10 minutes to get from my front doorsteps to the sidewalk in front of my house.... I realized I would be late to school. You know that Snow Miser from that Christmas show (Not Mr. Freeze from Batman...) that always plays on the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family? He visited last night. It was either him or Dementors. Or Mr. Freeze from Batman.

It rained over night, and froze in the morning. There was a very thin, but very strong sheet of ice over everything this morning.

I eventually ended up crawling down the driveway, because if I was already on the ground, I couldn't possibly fall. But I did. Several times. And I thought "Oh! I should wear my tennis shoes with great traction!" Great traction only goes so far. Eventually, water stuck to the bottoms of my shoes, or maybe it was blood dripping down my legs from falling so much.... and it froze. Imagine walking on ice with shoes made of ice. That's essentially what I did.

There were two courses of action to take today. Be incredibly angry about the amount of ice. Be frustrated with the amount of time it was sure to take me to get to school. Be upset about my tardy that was certain to follow. Stress about the cold. Fret about the water soaking through my shoes.

Or look at it as an adventure and have fun. Which is what I did. 

It turns out, the ice shone, and was quite pretty. The branches and railings were covered in ice too, and it was pretty. It was all very pretty. 

Ice rain isn't something that happens often. I think the news said it's happened only 9 times in Utah since 1940. So instead of complaining about how horrible it was, I think we should look at it for how interesting it is.

And really, it was fun. 

You know those days you walk through the slush in the tunnel off the side of the parking lot at the stadium, and you fall, and look around all embarrassed.... Well, today, everyone was falling. And sliding down a particularly icy hill, knees braced, fists clenched, doing my very best not to turn backwards.... I (nearly literally) ran into someone, who gave me a friendly smile and nervous laugh, and I wished her good luck on her journey up the slope.

On 13th, I watched the people in front of me slip and slide as they walked to school. They stopped on one drive way which was a smooth sheet of ice, and they took a running start, stopping abruptly, which caused them to slide across it. And they went back and forth, laughing all the way.

What a great attitude to have!

Now I'm inside. It's warm here. It's cold out there. I have no reason to go back out... but the ice, in reality, is actually kind of fun to be on. So who knows. Maybe I'll find my slippery-est shoes and head back out later. 

In other news, if it's not too much to ask, please include my fiancé in your prayers! He's begun the hunt for his career, and he's very nervous and stressed. It's a big decision to make! Any prayers you could spare would be very welcome, thank you!

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