The Good Day

It was a great day today. Sunday night, I was dreading it. So many things were falling out of place. My car was going to be stuck in Ogden, meaning I'd have a hard time getting to the Praxis test center.... Also, it was going to snow. A lot more. And I was tired of the snow. I was stressed about Joe getting home on Monday through the snow, I was stressed about a silly presentation in class on Tuesday, I was stressed that I had to even take the Praxis....

But today came, and today went, and today was great.

I woke up in the morning, checked my email, found that my classes were cancelled, so I went back to sleep for 3 more hours. 

I woke up, checked the time, realized that I still had four hours before I had to get on the bus to the test center, so I read my scriptures for a while, I cleaned up my house for a while, I took a bath, I re-watched some HIMYM because the one bad part about today is that there wasn't a new episode yesterday....

I wrapped myself up, and headed to the train stop all toasty warm in a few hundred layers of clothing, and pulled out my nook and did some reading. 

Got on the train, did some reading.

Got off the train, got on the bus, watched the snow....

Got off the bus, got on the sidewalk, got across the street, got to Starbucks where I got some hot chocolate and a sandwich and read some more.

Until it was time to take the Praxis.

I went upstairs, I held my breath...

I didn't study. Why on earth did I not study? This test! This test that could determine my future! This test that is required to get me into the education department! This test that I need to become a teacher and teach kids and change their lives and change the world. 

That's not entirely fair. I did study. In the sense that I looked at what was on the test, and decided that I didn't need to study, it would stress me out, and I felt that it was all stuff I knew. 

So I didn't study, and it hit me there that I should have studied... and I started freaking out.

I aced it, guys. I aced it. I was just praying so hard that I'd do ok, I wouldn't fail, I wouldn't humiliate myself... but I aced it.

And so much stress just melted off. And things were going to get easier from here on out. 

Dad came and got me from the center since he was down in SLC for work, and took me to my presentation.

Which went well.

Then Brittany messaged me. And we talked. That girl.... I'm reminded of the day Joe proposed. She knew she wouldn't be able to be there, but she messaged me before hand and told me how much she valued our friendship and how she was excited to see where life was taking me. I just realized now why she said that hahah....

And that made me smile.

And Brian and I made dinner together, something we haven't done in a long time, and that was wonderful.

And then Joseph skyped me. And now we're talking. And that always makes me smile. Every day. I feel fortunate to marry a man who will make me smile every day.

Oh, and we scheduled the reception center. So yeah. I'm having a wedding at an old train station. Whaaaaat! Awesome. I'm so excited. It's beautiful. 

Oh life.

It was pretty good today.

Thank you, today.

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Amanda Schroeder said...

You weren't expecting such a great day, were ya? Glad it was though. Congrats on Acing that heck of a test.