Three more

We've been dating for roughly seven months.

We've been engaged for two of those.

And now we have three more to go.

I thought I'd celebrate the occasion by sharing the proposal story. Because I haven't done that yet, and it's one of my absolute favorite stories.

It was a Sunday.... December 2nd.... We went to church together, nothing out of the ordinary.... though, the day before he was talking about getting engaged and saying how he should start planning the proposal or something, and I had to turn down the smoke ready to burst from my ears.... a girl can only handle the mention of a proposal so much before she goes crazy from waiting.

The next day, Sunday, I wrote in my journal that it just wasn't going to happen and I was going to give up. I knew eventually it WOULD happen, but not for a long time, and I was going crazy in the mean time.

We came home from church, and Brian and Joseph dived into a lengthy, heated conversation about who had the better library, BYU or the U. And I was frustrated so I went in my room, put on PJs, climbed out my window and hid outside until they stopped arguing long enough for them to tell me what they wanted to make me for lunch.

I hid out there for a while, turned around and AHOHLOAHSLKDJPHOLYCRAP He was standing right there. Ah.

Went back in, and Brian and Joseph made lunch for me. And made it up to me.

Joseph and I decided to head out on the town to look at parks, places we could get engagements taken (Which are happening this weekend!) and drove around. He saw a water tower, we attempted to climb it... didn't work....

We went to the Capital and walked around, learned something about State history, found a buffalo across the street, jumped on it... 

It was freezing cold, though. Freezing cold. The wind was blowing. It was cold. So cold.

We hiked down to Memory Grove, walked around, jumped in a dry river that wasn't as dry as we had hoped, hiked back to the car with wet shoes, reclined the seats and let our shoes dry off on the heater...

We went to another park, played fake baseball with a stick and a dirt clod, climbed a wall, spun on the park merry go round, got really dizzy...

Played on the monkey bars, played on the slides, played on the swings....

And the whole time he was doing this nervous smiling, stretching a lot, taking deep breaths, shivering... It was cold, so that could be something too....  We went to the cemetery near by and visited his grandmother's grave. And I whispered to her that I loved her son very much and I wanted to be with him forever.

Next we drove back to campus, and up to Fort Douglas. There's a gazebo there.

He held his arm up to me, and I took it. We walked up together to the gazebo.

Where there were candles.

A table cloth.

Ambiance and lovely decorations lying all over.

And we stood there, and he turned to me, and we talked about how the last five months of our life had been.  How amazing it had been. What an adventure. What happiness.

And he got down on one knee, pulled out a box, and asked me to marry him.

And I did freak out. Spinning around in circles, squealing, jumping up and down.... "Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!"

And I picked him back up and kissed him and wrapped myself in his arms. A place I'm happy to stay forever.

I turned to the side and saw a camera clicking away. Jackie, my best friend, and Becca, my little sister. There. And I burst into tears.

It was so cold. But I felt so warm inside. There are few things in my life that felt even nearly as right as saying yes to him felt.

He's my best friend. That crooked smile. Those warm eyes. That laugh. Those strong hands. The way he played "Blackbird" on the guitar making me fall for him... everything about him. I said yes two months ago, I'll say it again today, and tomorrow, every day from now on.

I adore that boy.

ps the next person to comment will be comment number 700 and you will be awesome and I will honor you with laurel branches and accolades.

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Amanda Schroeder said...

You know what's the best? Unexpected proposals. Seriously. I had NO IDEA. . . and you didn't either. He's a sneak! You guys are cute. I got the chills and I'm so excited for the wedding. Ah!