Snowed In

I don't know quite why this keeps happening to us. And when I say "us", I mean the state of Utah. We keep getting snow. I'm not accustomed to this. It didn't really happen this bad last year. And this year, it's bad.

Joseph came into town Saturday morning and noted that the air changes colors between Salt Lake and Provo. The inversion is NASTY. Well, it was at least. Saturday, he helped me do a bunch of school work (thank you.... cutting out hundreds of flash cards is killing my hands.... kiddie scissors only go so far.) So we had fruit tea and got the work done.

There's a mug in my house that I got when I was a freshman in German class from my wonderful exchange student. And since it's a German mug, of course it's the one Joseph gets to use!
We went to the store to get some stuff for our engagement photos that were supposed to happen on Sunday. A football. It'll be great. Just wait until you see. We went into the streets and tossed it back and forth so I wouldn't completely humilate my school in representing them versus the opponent.
Later, we went to the Family History library and learned how to use the new Family Search website. It was great! We had a competition to see who could trace back their history the farthest. I think I won? But we did find out that we're related through Charlemagne. So that's awkward. Do you think he ever sat down and though "My great great great great great great great great great great *gasp* great great great-" [two hours later] "great great great grandkids are going to get married. Gross." Probably not. But relatives were getting married all over the place back then. We're far enough removed. Right? Guys???? Right? Hello?
We got his and her doritos, and went home to make dinner. It was GREAT. Honey Garlic Chicken. Look it up. It was so so so good. With lime rice?  Yeah. Awesome. Sooooo good.
He stayed the night with his Aunt in Park City, and came to church with me the next day. I love going to church with him. His comments are so great. He taught me some interesting things about Joseph Smith that I didn't know. Perhaps I'll share them with you some time eh?
After church, we started getting ready for our engagement pictures, and then the snow hit. We met our photographer, but the snow was coming down heavy by then, so we had to reschedule. Had to pull the little car over on the monster of a hill that is 6th to put chains on it just so we could make it the short distance left to my house.
Snowed in.
That night we played with corn starch and water. An activity that will never get old. I'm wondering if I should go buy a bunch of corn starch just to play with it all the time. It's a great stress reliever.
And that night we did "family" scripture study. Or "companion" scripture study. Or just scripture study. No more quotation marks, I say! Doctrine and Covenants 132. It helps to study with someone, because turns out, there's a lot of stuff I don't know and he helped me understand. And there's some things he didn't know that I just philosophied on.
It was something, scripture study, I think we'll be making that one a habit. Any other chapters you recommend we study?
And now I'm back at work and school and the snow doesn't want to stop. It's.... well, it's.... It's Utah. Weather that always surprises you. Let's say that. It'll be a busy week. I'm anxious. But once this is over, hopefully the sailing will be a bit more smooth.
How was your weekend?

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