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About two years ago, my brother came home with an empty fish tank. And then a few days later he came home with a sack of dirt, a can of worms, and a little baby lizard.

A while later, he got a few more lizards, and a bigger tank. Around a year ago, I took over his old tank and filled it with sand, a few toys, and another little baby lizard. Stupid Aristotle Socks, for those of you who haven't met him. I thought I'd take time here to update you all on the life and times of our pets.

Brian's lizards he got didn't live very long, they have a short life span.... his last one of that kinda was a little anole named Pamphlet (I named him...) or Flit for short. We went to AZ for Christmas, and Brian left Flit in SLC, and Stupid went to stay with my bff Brittany. Flit didn't require too much care, so we left lots of water, worms, and turned on a light to keep him warm.

We got back a few weeks later, and the lamp was off. And Flit was near dead. They're flighty little critters, who don't like to be held, so when I reached into the tank and his little hand grabbed my finger and held on.... I knew something was wrong. I nursed him back to health. Sprinkled water on his lips, hand fed him, kept him so warm...

Brian came home and started caring for him, and about a week later, I went to check on Flit, and he was a spry thing again, a healthy brown color.... looked happy and well fed. And the next day he died. I was so bitter about that, the fact that it would let me care for it so hard, it would start to recover, and just die. I was upset.

But we went to the pet store the next day and got another lizard. A white spotted gecko. I wanted Brian to get a tarantula, but he wouldn't. The gecko's name is Tom Clancy, but I call him Sparkles Confederate Hitler. Or Confederate for short. He's a quick one too. A fat, quick lizard. Also angry. He hisses and bites. So he's not too fun to play with, but Brian loved him right away, and I did too.

And when Brian goes on his mission, I get him.

Good old Confederate.

He hunts crickets, so Brian filled his tank with 20 or so crickets. Tom doesn't eat that much though, so the crickets grew up and developed the ability to chirp. 20 of them. Chirping. Constantly. Our house is like a jungle or something. 

Now for Stupid. He went through lizard puberty or something, and had a hard time shedding, and the skin gets stuck in his eyes. So he can't see. So he won't eat. So I had to smear baby food all over his face so he'd lick it off. He hates me for it, but he'll thank me later.

He dropped a lot of weight during that time, so I had to empty the nice pretty sand out of his tank and replace it with paper towels and convert his tank into a hospital of sorts. 

I think he hates me for that too. 

He just hides in that skull the whole time. I don't like it when he hibernates.

I don't have any pictures of Samson, my beta fish. Samson is a funny story. I was dating this guy towards the first of the summer, and he bought me Samson as an early birthday present. I like Samson. He's like my child from a previous marriage or something. But Joe loves him, so that's ok.

Samson enjoys: Not eating real fish food, just the plants in his tank.... but when I hold fish food above him, he'll jump out of the water to get it. He also enjoys FREAKING out and swimming all over his bowl, smacking into walls, and occasionally flipping out of the water. He also loves to watch Joe and I cuddle. Especially if we're watching a movie at the same time. It's creepy. He's a creep. Samson....

Anyways. That's the story of my pets. They'll all be mine soon... and Joseph's. Our little family. And we're wanting to get a dog, a sheltie. They're his favorite. He had a sheltie when he was younger, and it was kidnapped. He played with the dogs in AZ a lot, and my grandma said he needs a dog. So I'm going to get him a sheltie. 

We thought about what it does to the psychology of a family to have pets before you have children, and then we decided we didn't care. So if you have any info that says our children will grow up to be serial killers if we have a dog before we have kids... let us know, because we haven't heard anything like that yet. 


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Stefiko Monsen said...

My parents got a puppy before they had us, we're not crazy psychopaths yet. Also, having a pet while your children are young will help them develop stronger immune systems because they will be used to dirt and dander.