The best kind of

T'was a lovely weekend! The sun was out. The air was clear. I hopped on a train and headed down to Provo to meet my dear, and I brought his shoes and suit with me. He left them at my house last weekend. Felt a little awesome and famous walking around carrying a fancy suit and fancy shoes.
On the train, a gentleman next to me was on the phone with a man from Provo who was picking him up down there. The guy had never heard of Gangnam Style. Provo IS a bubble. Oh... I'll love living there... *sarcasm* good thing it's only 2 months.

Got caught up on reading while on the train. Crossed. I'm draggin my feet through it. But that's ok. It's still good, I think.
This weekend was a cultural adventure in art and dinosaurs. We had a lot of fun with Andy Warhol's Silver Clouds. They were magic. 

We found the Beatles. And Marge. And Michael Jackson. And lot of other things. But the Beatles were the best.

"We Could Be Heroes" was the title of the exhibit at the BYU campus museum. It was really something. There were a lot of interesting ideas there. I recommend the museum to anyone looking for a cheap date! Cheap as in free. Best kind of cheap.

We went to the DI to find clothes for each other. I found this gem for Joe. It's a tie. With a whale. Jumping out of the lake. It's the best kind of tie. 

The next day, Sunday, we went to Stake Conference together. AWESOME Stake Conference. More about that later. Joseph modeled the ever classy wool socks and gym shorts for me while we made lunch.


We broke the fast with soup that broke our everything. We made tomato soup from scratch, but for some reason, it ended up being holyhannamotherofpearl hot. Still good. But we lost all feeling in our faces and feet afterwards. We made carmel corn from scratch too, and may have, just a little, burnt the ever living daylights out of it. But ate it anyways. My mouth still tastes like ash.

We participated in some lovely Scipture Study, Marriage Prep Manual Study, and The Holy Temple Study. It was wonderful. I'm so incredibly excited to go to the Temple and recieve my endowments. And I'm equally excited to be sealed to my best friend forever.
It's the best kind of happy.




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