The Darndest Things

I'm starting to think it'd just be easiest to share the joys of my job with you in a weekly post. Kids certainly do say the darndest things.

NOTE: All the children, unless stated otherwise, are four years old. I got a permanent placement in the "Cricket Classroom" at the first of this semester, so I work with four year olds. I was kinda sad, because my favorite child in the whole center is two. He's my best friend. And everyone knows it. If he and Miss Lara spot each other, look out. Because it's about to get crazy adorable.

However, I love working with the four year olds because they talk. The two year old speaks Chinese, and even then, it's hard to have a conversation with him like I do with the four year olds. So, recently.

"Miss Lara, when you get married, when you go to bed, you can KISS!" Lots of giggling ensued.

Me: Have you seen Arthur?
Her: No.
Me: NO?! Well... what do you watch?
Her: I like Cat in the Hat.
Me: The animated one or the live action one?
Her: Um....
Me: Is that the one where the snow turns pink?
Her: No, what's that one?
Me: The cat got some pink on the snow, and he tried to fix it, and got ALL THE SNOW PINK. Talk about a nightmare!
Her: What?
Me: Oh, it's phrase... don't worry. You'll be fine, you don't.... never mind.
Her: Good. Because I don't like real nightmares. I don't want snakes showing up at my house.

Me: I like you, you make me laugh. Can we be friends?
Him: No.

Me: You are so silly!
Him: Yes I am! I'm such a silly boy!

The topic of my upcoming nuptials have been a hot topic at work, among my coworkers, yes, but also among the children. I feel so famous when they fight over who gets to have me sit by them during nap time so they can look at my ring.

Her: Can I wear your ring, Miss Lara?
Me: No, I'm sorry sweetie.
Her: Why not?
Me: It cost a lot of money and I'm afraid of losing it.
Her: Why did it cost so much money?
Me: See those rocks all over it? They're diamonds.
Her: Are those made of glass?
Me: No, they're like special rocks.
Her: Where did he find them?
Me: I don't know!
Her: What if he went into the desert and found them?
Me: That's probably it.

And later...

Him: Miss Lara, you may look like a princess, and some day, you will marry a prince, but you never will really be a princess.

Thanks kids.

This week we did yoga and did a dance party.

I still have the best job ever. And I always will. 

The whole class at the same time: "Woopah momma styow!" 

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