Points of Glory

I'm a cynic. Particularly when it comes to the human race. The obsession the internet has with cats and the Harlem Shake (Come on.... Gangnam Style is SO MUCH BETTER), and really horrible pictures people post of themselves to try to get attention.... And then the way people treat each other. At times, I feel that hunters are worse than serial killers, because the animals the hunters kill have never consciously done something horrible in their life. PLEASE NOTE that I am NOT saying serial killers are justified... in fact, they're part of the reason I'm disgusted with the human race... but animals are innocent.

Which is why I eat them all the time. ANYWAYS.

I get cynical.... and assume the worst out of people. But it seems every time this happens, people do something good, or something happens that makes me smile, and makes me feel like things are ok.

Like yesterday, in my car.... at a stop light.... the people in cars on either side of me were both singing along to Home by Phillip Phillips with me.

Or when a little dog ran across a busy street, and a man, who doesn't even own the dog, ran into the road to stop traffic and try to catch the dog. I saw that happen with my own eyes.

Or at work when I put on "I'll Make A Man Out Of You" from Mulan, and all the 4 year olds in my class, all 20 of them burst into song. They drop what they're doing, and all run together to sing and dance. They love that song. Donny Osmond, if you're reading this, you're their hero. And if anyone knows Donny, tell him to come read this post. Hi Donny! Hi!!!

Or when the stranger in front of me in the institute lunch line pays for my food. That makes me happy.

Or when a professor tells the class that he can be bribed with diet coke, so the whole class chips in and buys a huge Costco sized case of diet coke and presents it to the professor and he cancels the final.

Or when you email that same professor and ask if he can write you a letter of recommendation but ask if you can have it the next day, and he does it.

Or when your finacé either has the choice to make you feel better about everything, or make you laugh, which not always are the same things... and he chooses to make you laugh....

Or when you walk out to the sidewalk on the morning after a 3 foot snow storm and see that someone plowed all the way down the block...

Or when someone in Relief Society just calls to see how you're doing... not for any reason, just wanted to say hi.

Someone up there is fighting hard to make sure I don't entirely write off the human race as despicable. It's good. Even good can be found in enemies. Actually, maybe that's why I'm a cynic, because I try to sympathize with horrible people and reason that they had a hard life, that's why they're like that.... and then they go ahead and do horrible things and so yeah... cruel cycle. Anyways.

It's actually a pretty good world.

This post was mainly written to blog about that thing about my preschoolers singing and dancing, because it's awesome. I think I want to film it. 

49 days. 

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Stefiko Monsen said...

I met Donny Osmond a few summers ago... He sang I'll make a man out of you with one of our staffers, and he thought I was a cool merit badge teacher. He really is a great guy.