What lives under my couch?

It was a bit of a crazy day yesterday. I have this thing about doing homework for longer than an hour called "I don't like doing it." Working for longer than an hour, planning lessons.... sure, whatever. But homework does nothing. So I don't like doing it. So I try not to... as much as possible... but yesterday, it was impossible.

I did write that 8 page Individualized Education Plan. That was pretty nice. I felt awesome having that done, especially since I didn't look at it at all before doing it.... But I feel good about it. The exam, today, too. That class, EDPS 30something something required 5 text books. I had every textbook yesterday except one.... and that one was the one I needed. Of course.

I DID have it in the past, I just lost it! So I tore apart my house looking, and still nothing. I had to make up a ton of stuff and just remember what I had written in the past. But that went ok, even though I was certain I would fail the exam. But the exam was this morning, and I feel like I at least passed it. 

Even though it was stressful.... everything was fine until....


A few years ago, my little brother was born WAIT. Too far.

Recently, my brother brought home a fish tank WAIT. Forward a bit more...

It was a really hard day today, my brother left on his mission HANG ON. That hasn't happened.

Brian bought some crickets for his lizard. There. There we go. They've been sitting in a jar in an alcove of our house.... and two days ago, I was doing homework when..... A CRICKET CRAWLED OUT FROM UNDER THE COUCH. It freaked me out. Brian came and caught it... no harm done.... but then, a few minutes later, out crawled another one. He came and got that too. Then nothing, until..... 


I was sitting doing homework, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Crawling out from under the couch. Oh! Just a cricket! No harm done. I almost just let that one go. But I watched it, and the more I watched, the more I realized it wasn't a cricket. It was a spider. I'm fine with spiders. I used to keep spiders as pets when I was little. But I will not tolerate them crawling on me, and that spider was cruising right for my blanky which was hanging off me and touching the ground just a bit. AW HECK NO. That spider was NOT gonna crawl up my blanky!!!!! So I screamed for Brian.

He came and got it.

And analyzed it.... because he does that.

It was a brown recluse. I lost it. I'm terrified now. I can't even touch the ground. Ain't no brown recluse gonna eat my skin. No sir. 

Joe and I spent a lot of time looking at places to live last night. When we do this, one takes KSL, the other takes Craigslist. Last night, I took Craigslist. 

Oh Craigslist. 

I forgot how much I love it. 

Here are some headers for places we looked at. 

STOP searching!!! You've found the ONE!
We Invite You To See Where Hip SLC Residents Call Home!
Let these super hero prices save you money!
Close to everything, far from ordinary. 
I double dog dare you to click here!
If your home is gorgeous and you know it, raise your hand! (This one confuses me....)

And my favorite..... Better than marshmallows and hot cocoa! 

We're having a time looking for places to live. It's stressful, considering we could be looking quite a bit in the first year of marriage what with a possibility of three moves... but it's an adventure, and I'm actually excited for it. 

Fifty days until our wedding. Here we go. 

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