Final Countdown

See, what I did there... it's funny. Because, like... it's finals week? So I'm taking finals. But also, it's the final count down to the wedding, meaning that in less than one week, I'll be married. I mean, like... it's still Thursday and all that, but if I get married at 1pm, then by now I'll be married in one week, so it's going to be less than one week? Yeah? Ok.

You're crazy! Don't do it! That's what people told me when I said I was getting married a few days after finals ended. (Ended for me, mind you... The rest of the U will carry on to have finals week AFTER my wedding, but all my finals are a week early.) I told them that it was ok, it wouldn't be that bad....

Boy was I fooling myself.

Finals week normally IS easy. I guess I don't have much to go from because at WSU it was... well, WSU, so come on. It's not that bad. Wussy easy. And last semester, one of my classes was marching band so the final is just showing up to the bowl game which didn't happen. And another class was photography which meant putting a bunch of pretty pictures together and turning them in. Not that bad.

This semester?

GEO: (Earthquakes and Volcanoes) Just tracked the last 36 earthquakes over the last 30 days that were larger than 5.5 magnitute. Then I drew them on a map. Then I stated what plates they were next to, and what kind of fault line they were. That's not easy. Not easy at all. Then I took a comprehensive exam. Never done that in my life. It wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, but I'd also been reading the study guide for 4 days now, and reading nothing BUT the study guide. Images of volcanoes danced in my head as I slept at night.

SPED: (Integrating Special Ed Students Into The Classroom) Created two lesson plans in essay style, APA formatting. It was 12 pages long. Lesson plans aren't meant to be written as essays, they're meant to be jotted down on those cute layout format template things. When they're essays, they suck. They were no normal lesson plans, either. Layered curriculum and tiered curriculum. You don't know what those mean, probably. Just know that it means it's not easy. And then I've got one more paper to write about something else... not sure what that something is....

EDPS: (Reading Methods) This wasn't TOO bad, our only exam was a midterm. However, I do have some kind of analysis to write, and I don't know what it is.

ECS: (Multicultural Education) This class sucks! NEVER TAKE THIS CLASS. It sucks. It has several times called into question whether or not I want to be a teacher. I hate this class more than anything. I've never hated a class, so this is unusual. What do I have to do?

Well, I have to come up with some kinda project to implement into my classroom I've been working in. Problem: I'm done working in that classroom. Finished my work there today. And this project needs to be implemented before Tuesday, which is great and all, but I have full time work Monday and Friday. So that's not going to be great and all. AND I have to write a two page paper with a bunch of research sources. AND I'm working with a group on this and so that's hard. I've never been one for group work.

And of course, I'm getting married next week.

If I die before then... well, this post explains why.

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