No Time Is A Good Time For Goodbye

Tonight, Joseph and I held Aristotle Stupid Socks one last time and told him we loved him before putting him back in his home one last time. And roughly five minutes later, he passed away.

He's not hurting anymore, he's in a better place. I just wish that place was with us. Joseph mentioned how it's not fair that the ones we love pass on and they stop hurting, but we can keep hurting for so long.

We've been thrown so many challenges, trials, and heart breaks through the last few weeks, and it doesn't seem quite fair. And taking the life of one of my dearest friends tonight seems the least fair of all, but I know we'll be ok. I know I'll be ok. But prayers will be welcome. I know it's silly, because he was just a tiny gecko, but buying him is still the best purchase I ever made, and I don't regret any of it.


Kellie said...

The purchase of a pet is never silly. You bought him when you needed companionship the most. And yes he was a great companion. We all love the little guy. Aristotle Stupid Socks. You will be missed. Thank you for making Lara happy!

Kellie said...
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