Oh, you know, nothing

What's up Lara?

It's been a pretty mediocre day.
School got cancelled this morning.
I went to do some volunteer work at school, and that was fine. Boring, but fine.
I did that tutoring stuff.
Came home.
Sat around.
Did laundry.
I've been sitting here now just wondering what to do.
So I made dinner.
I had cup-o-noodles, donuts, and pink lemonade. Because I'm a college student. And my fiancé is only gonna be in college for two months of our marriage, so my life as a college student is going to wind up pretty soon.
And by life of college student, I mean eating super bad crappy food and sitting around depressed for a while.
Why are you depressed?
Wait, first I have to tell you that I worked out too. So yeah. I'm not a total slob.

Stupid is sick, guys. Really sick. Really really sick. He's so skinny, there's a hole on his under side where his tummy used to be, it's just gone. He won't eat. He won't open his mouth. He won't even eat the lizard-baby food I make for him. I don't know what to do. I'm just heart broken. He's on his way out the door, I can feel it. And I'm just lost.

So there's my sad post.

I spent so much money yesterday getting him stuff to try to get him better but it isn't working, and he's just getting worse. And at the pet store, all the leo babies were so fat and healthy and Stupid has been going down hill for a while now. And he's still just a baby.... and so far, I have given him a crappy life.


But in good news, two weeks! Two weeks until I'm married!

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