Nothing Short of Amazing.

That's what this weekend was.

Just to preface, I left my camera at Joseph's house, so no pictures this week until I get it back :( Sad face. Wah-wah. Trombone sound.

Started out with Friday. I was at work Friday just in a daze... I was going to the Temple that night. I've dreamed of that my whole life. I couldn't believe it was finally happening. I grew worried that something would mess up, I'd get there and they'd be all

"We don't have your name down for tonight..."
"But I called!"
"You called the wrong place! DENIED."

And my hopes would be crushed. So rather than getting nervous and scared and overly anxious, I started talking myself down, just in case the above happened, so my hopes would go uncrushed.

But we got there, and they were expecting me and it was amazing. Beautiful. Wonderful. The best day of my life. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to go and the blessing it was to sit next to my love and best friend in the Celestial room and whisper to each other. And to be there with my mom and dad and share that wonderful experience with them. And to go to dinner with all of them afterwards.

Saturday, Joseph had something special planned. Lemme talk to all you men out there. When a woman writes a blog post about her dream date, you take her on that dream date. I've had that blog post up for years, and no one has ever done that until now.

It started out with me doing my hair at my desk by my window, and I looked over and saw a shadow of a hand through the blinds and saw someone writing on my window. It was either Joseph or I was the victim of a hate crime.

It was Joseph. Sweet little things all over my windows. He then knocked on my window, I pulled up my blinds, and he came to the front door and I let him in. We went and got stuff to make muffins for breakfast and then did that. Made muffins for breakfast. Afterwards, we went to purchase sunglasses. I've got some pretty wicked floral ones, and he's got some bad apple ones too.

We went to the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, and walked around looking at stuff. My favorite part was when we were looking for the photo booth, and we found an empty assembly hall. We went up on stage, and he sang songs and we danced on the empty stage in front of an invisible crowd.

No photo booth there. We went to drop of our application papers for our first apartment we'll be in for two months, and then went to a park and had a picnic and lay in the sun and pretended we were on our first date and asked each other all those first date questions.

We finally found a photo booth in a mall (duh) and got our pictures. I love them. I love photo booths. Never been in one before. Always wanted to.

We then went to Sheels for the indoor Ferris wheel. That place is AMAZING. We did the Ferris wheel, which was way more fun that it should have been. Then we walked around the store and played, because there's so many awesome things there.

And we came home and watched Walking Dead and colored Easter eggs. It was an early night because I had a bachelorette party that night. Shout out to my girl other-half Lara Vaughn for throwing it for me and my wonderful girly friends from marching band. It was so much fun to get with them one last time before I'm a married woman!

Sunday, church, interviews with the bishop and stake president, Easter egg hunt set up by Joseph, reading books, taking naps, making dinner, skyping family, and ending the night with the newest episode of Dr. Who. It was an amazing Sunday as well.

That was my weekend. It was the last weekend of really courting each other before our wedding, since next weekend is conference, the weekend after, Joseph has a test to become a mechanical engineer (good luck! So proud of you, Joe.) and the weekend after that will be the weekend before our wedding, full of all kinds of stuff. But maybe I'll squeeze something in.

It was a wonderful weekend thanks to Joseph. I'm so fortunate to have that man in my life.

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