For Joe

On this day, one year ago, I walked off my front door step with a man who would change my life. Yessir. A year ago, I met my wonderful Joseph Samuel Bรจcar.

What an adventure it has been knowing him. What a blessing he has been to my life. What a brightness and happiness he has brought to me. I've been thinking about what to write for this post... I could write about our adventures together, but I've already done that... I think I'll share my favorite things about him. The things I've come to love.

I love how he eats the entire apple, including the core.
I love how he remembers all our inside jokes.
I love how his voice rumbles and tickles my ear when I rest on his chest.
I love how he loves to be outside. He's an adventurer, and challenges me to be a better one.

I love the little texts he sends during the day to let me know he's thinking of me.
I love that he thinks the best in others, always, no matter what they've done. He leaves them a window for good.
I love how from date one, there was no turning back for him, and he fought to get me. He didn't really have to fight that hard, but still. It's sweet.

One time we were falling asleep and it was Sunday, and I realized we had to go back to work for the next 5 days, meaning we couldn't spend every moment together. And I said "Joe?"
"Can you come visit me in my dream tonight?"
"I'll try."
And in my dream I was working really hard on organizing something, and Joe walked by and came over and asked what I was doing and I told him and he gave me a little kiss and said he'd let me get back to work then and left. That wasn't what his dream was, he had a confusing dream about walls that weren't walls, and I know that Joe in my dream wasn't ACTUALLY HIM but maybe it was.

I love how hard he laughs at funny things.
I love his courage, that he isn't afraid to approach others and offer them help if they need it.
I love that no matter how bad his day was, if I so much as got a little scrape, he forgets his problems for a moment and holds me to make sure I'm ok.
I love how he plays with his siblings and prays for them every night.
I love how much he loves and respects his parents.
I love when he tries to capture Hitler, our lizard, and I get so worried because Hitler terrifies me, but it makes me laugh so hard.

I love how on my wedding day, I didn't mind making crazy faces in the pictures, because even if I looked my worst, I felt my best because he was there and he was mine.
I love how he pushes me to do my best, even if I'm kicking and screaming along the way.
I love that he's never afraid to do something crazy, unless it's jay walking.
I love that he always tells the truth, never even tells a white lie.
I love that he can sing every single song on the classic rock radio station, except for Total Eclipse of the Heart, the only one I can sing.

One time I was sick and he ran to the store to get me medicine despite my begging him to stay... when he came back, he didn't have just medicine, he had flowers too.

I never believed in love at first sight.

I never believed in soul mates.

I read something that said the majority of couples thought their relationship was unique and the feelings they had couldn't be found in any other relationship.

 I've been in relationships in the past and thought the thing I read must have been silly because I'd never felt like that before.

 Until I met Joe.
And it was love at first sight.
 I fell hard the first time he said my name.
And I fell harder when he sang me "Blackbird".
And as we got to know each better, I just loved him more and more but never could even dream that I, ME, Lara... would be lucky enough to marry him and be with him forever... but I was just that lucky.
And I've been lucky every day since.

So maybe some people in the world are soul mates... but even if there are no such thing as soul mates, I think Joe is my exception. Because he is mine. My soul mate. It's cliche but maybe love is cliche. It doesn't stop people from doing it.

I've been blessed every step of the way to have him in my life, for him to hold me when I cry, for him to laugh with me until we choke, for him to take my hand and run through the rain with me...

And at night I still lie awake and feel so giddy about that time I met him, and it feels so surreal to have him next to me.

I just love that boy.

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