Welcome To The New Age

To the new age... welcome to the new age... to the new age...

WOOOAAAHHOHHH!!! Ok ok ok. Ok. Ok. I'm done.

We were down in Provo this weekend for Joseph's graduation! This boy has worked so hard for so long, and I'm so proud of everything he's accomplished to get to this point.
Now to grad school yay!

We spent the weekend in the basement of an empty, half-under-construction house, which was pretty fun! We had no internet, so we just played "Secret Society" the whole time; a game which is highly addictive.

Dinner with family, arcades with family, family with family, and finally...

It was time to leave. Provo to Layton, a quick drive, kinda I guess... But we learned about a TV his aunt was getting rid of in Midway, so we headed up there to get it.

I kinda joked with my in-laws upon leaving that we'd be listening to Radioactive the whole way home. This isn't something which I actually thought would happen, but it did. It wasn't like I put it up on my iPod the whole way... My iPod was dead at the time, and I don't even own that song. It came on the radio! By itself! It's the best song ever! WE LOVE IT.

So we listened to it all the way to Midway and back.

In Midway, we got a TV! A TV!!!! Do you hear those words! We got a TV!

I never thought we'd have a TV, ever. I really thought we'd never have one. Maybe it's more of... I never really thought of the lack of TV we had, so it never crossed my mind that we were missing one.

We'd been surviving off of Joe's 14 inch computer screen to watch Netflix, and boy, let me tell you... we were excited when I got a new laptop for my birthday that was a whole inch and a half bigger. That's a LOT more in laptop land.

But this...

This is trading in your '92 Geometro for a... '93 Geometro. This is sublime.

I love this TV. It's a big fat box. The back goes back further than the sides reach, it's thicker than it is wide. It sits on our ground. It's static-y sometimes, and because of the device we have hooked to it, sometimes the sound is delayed.

But it's beautiful and I love it. It makes me laugh to think of this thing. This is our first TV. I remember my parents talking about their first TV. And this one is ours. This is what we will show to our kids some day to show how old we are. 

We ran to Walmart Saturday morning, excited little campers, and bought a little Roku-type device, that lets you stream Netflix from your TV. It lets you stream other things too, but Netflix is all that matters.

And this weekend we watched so much Fringe.

I also got my hair colored! It's black right now... Looks black... My Asian students are geeking out over the fact that our hair is the same color. But it'll fade light, and when it does, for once, it won't have any red in it. Well, maybe just a little.

We also went to Krispy Creme Kreme Cream I don't know... and watched them make donuts. That was A DELIGHT. I enjoyed it more than the 3 year old girl there. 

Grocery shopping, cricket getting, pizza eating, life changing decision making... you know.

All in the weekend of the Becars. 

Stay tuned for these decisions and stuff. I promise... they won't be nearly as exciting as you expect them to be. But it's exciting to us.

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