Blog Process

Every now and then I go through and sit down on my blog and realize I haven't blogged for a while. And then I think that I don't WANT to blog. I start to feel obligated to write a thing, and it doesn't happen. Then I start worrying that if I don't write a blog, then my views won't go up.

And then I think that the reason nobody likes my blog is because it looks dumb, so I go through this big ordeal of redecorating it, and it takes too much time. Too much time. Sigh. I spend too much time redoing this stuff.

And then I read about how to get people to like my blog and they're all "DO THIS! DO THAT!" And I think I should do that if I want people to read my blog, but that's too much time and yeah.

I guess what I'm saying is... well, it's really to myself. And to every blogger out there. Stop going onto other blogs to see what your blog is missing. Blog because you like to. Share your life because you want your loved ones to know what's going on. I think when you stop worrying about followers and page views, you'll be a lot happier doing what you're doing.

So maybe I won't blog as much anymore. I don't have very much time at home, and the little time I do have, I prefer to spend it with my husband, thank you.

It sometimes goes deeper, sometimes I pull my clothes out of the washer and half of them have new holes and the other half are stained from a tube of grape chapstick that sabotaged my life, or at least my favorite clothes.

And my hair isn't doing what I want it too and I start worrying. I start worrying that people are looking at me thinking that something is weird about me. And I hate that. It ruins my day.

I think I might take a break from the blog scene. Because life needs to stop being recounted through the web, life needs to be lived, adventures need to be had for the sake of adventuring rather than for the sake of blogging. Pictures need to be taken for my own memories, not for your memories, because it's not like you're going to remember them better than your own memories, at least you shouldn't.

So maybe I won't be on the social network scene too much anymore. I don't know. I'll do it if I want to. This all really is just a post talking to myself, really, but maybe if I put it out there, people will hold me to it.

That's all this post was saying.

Now I have to go tutor.

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