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Right now, currently, ahora, in this exact moment... I'm sitting in the library listening to the Bachelorette. I get a lot of free time, ok? At least, this week I do... And so don't judge me if I spend my time watching Hulu every now and then. And it's not like my studies are getting hurt from this. I did a lOt Of StUdYiNg OK?! (Cliche about how "studying" is like "students dying")

It's not that bad. School hasn't been that bad. I know I was freaking out about it, but as soon as I walked on campus and saw all these people with book bags and their first day of school outfits... I was ready for school. Let's talk for a second about how I failed at my first day of school outfit, and every outfit since then. My hair has also failed me. I've been working with the two year old class lately, and that's been stressing me out and I don't think my hair likes that. It looks like the hair of a crazy cat lady, except take away the cats, and add 12 two year olds.

I think I'm addicted to school supplies. I think that's why I love school so much. New pencils and note books and book bags and books and pencil boxes. Yeah. Pencil boxes. Just because you're not in third grade anymore doesn't mean you can't get a pencil box!
Did I get a pencil box? No. What do I look like, a third grader? Sheesh....

This ad on Hulu is silent. QUICK. DO ALL YOUR WRITING NOW.

This weekend hmm... What did I do.

Saturday was a... a day. A hard day. I woke up crying, which isn't something that happens a lot, but is something that has been happening more. I missed Grams. I wanted to hold on to every bit of memory I had, and felt that even then, it wasn't enough. I pulled myself together and met my family at the funeral.

How wonderful it was to see all my family. My aunts, my uncles, my cousins that have turned into super models... I've become one of those relatives that goes up to old children and pinches their cheeks and says "Last time I saw you, you couldn't even talk! You were pooping in your pants!" Man. I used to be so afraid of those relatives. And now I am one.

I held it together, and then my sister, who was the pianist, started playing Christmas music and I lost it. Beautiful memories were shared. Tears were shed. And when there were no more tears to be shed, we stopped crying, and started being so happy to be together as a family, for the first time in ever, really. And tears turned to laughing and the sorrow over a life lost turned to happiness of a life lived, and the lives created as a result.

Joseph and I then napped the afternoon away on a twin bed, knees bent backwards over the side of the bed because it was far too small. Either I've grown 2 feet since getting married, or twin beds are smaller than they were four months ago.

We danced the night away in a backyard dance. The stars were shining. The music was enchanting. The twinkle lights on the trees were just the perfect color for magic, and I fell in love with Joseph again. It wasn't hard to do, not with his eyes, his smile, his laugh... and where am I again? The library. Um. Right.

We had an idea, for Monday. The first minute of Monday, being midnight. It was this: Go to iHop. I mean IHOP. We got home from Church, had dinner, and attempted to have a nap.

I thought it'd be easy to fall asleep watching Fantasia 2000. FALSE. Can't fall asleep during that movie. Too exciting. Then we watched Howl's Moving Castle. Joe'd never seen it, so when I got bored and fell asleep, he stayed awake. We eventually did get a nap in, at 10pm, about the time we go to bed anyways. I woke up to my alarm at midnight, and we determined that it was a silly idea to go to iHop at that time of night. So we went to sleep and went at 8am the next morning.

Labor Day:
Dicks Sporting Goods (Which was LAME)
More cleaning
Lizard caring for which... we were... doing... that...
Youtube distractions

We ran away to the beautiful mountains. Bonneville Shore Line and Adam's canyon. The mountains realize that it's Fall, even though the valley hasn't caught up. It was gorgeous, and oh so fun to get out into the wild again.

Cutting out flash cards
Flash cards
Flash cards
Flash cards

And the weekend was over. And now I'm just waiting for it to start again, is all.

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