Lego Analysis

The kids go through new favorite toys. It was those Knex for the longest time. So long. But then arguments started breaking out and we had to take them away... so they found a new favorite toy!

A few days ago, it was legos.

I was sifting through the box FULL of legos when I discovered something. Not all of the bricks in the box were legos. What. I know what you're thinking. It's what.

Nope. There were four different kinds of bricks.

Top to bottom: 
Knex piece? 

I conducted several tests on these building bricks, and here are the final results!

Legos were my favorite, just because they weren't trying to trick me. They seemed to be more heavy-duty, the colors on them were more intense, and the corners were sharper. This could be a good thing OR a bad thing. However, I think they were also the newest bricks in the box. Why would they be the newest? I have begun to question whether or not Legos really came first, or if they are the impostor that took over.

These make me outraged. Not only are they not legos, but they don't FIT with legos, or any of the other brands. They exist alone. There weren't many in the box, and of the few there were, there were no duplicates. I will hand it to them, though, of all the knock offs, they were the only ones to do a three-long brick. 

Honestly, I think these were the best. YES they weren't as heavy duty. YES they were falling apart a little. YES the colors were faded. So why were they my favorite? Because they really stick together. You have no falling apart on them. I don't know if it's because of the circles on top or the things under, but they were super great for building. However: Out of the billions of reds in the box... none were Megabricks. So...

I'm not sure if that's the real name, the word was fading on it. I found lots of red Tyoo blocks, but no other colors. It should be noted that I was only looking at blue, red, yellow, and green blocks. I didn't look at the white or black as much. 

You're not a lego. Get out of the box. 

Further studies:
 I learned that none of these pieces really go awesome together. Unnamed goes with nothing besides itself... but while the rest do fit together, they don't really hold that strong, and anything you build combining the too would be unstable.

Lego seems to be the most proud of their work. I didn't find a single Lego that wasn't branded. Unnamed obviously realizes that they made a horrible product, so they didn't bother to claim it. 

If I had to tell you to buy something... I'd say Legos. Yeah, the Megablocks were great, but you don't get the awesome variety with them that you get with Lego. And as stated above, don't go mixing these breeds together, because they don't really truly go well. 

A 5  year old saw me pulling out all the 4x4 bricks, and decided to help, so we pulled out all the 4x4s, and sorted them by color. Green and black were the least, with white being right in the middle, red after that, then yellow, with blue BARELY having more than yellow. I'll tell you, it was intense sorting these. I was in the war of blue and yellow, and I really wanted blue to be more, for some reason. It was causing me stress whenever yellow pulled ahead.

Yellow, red, and blue, were the worst bricks. We'd make long chains of these bricks, and they'd fall apart at the slightest sneeze. Green, black, and white, were much better at holding together. So I guess quantity doesn't mean quality? Not in this case.

Surrounded by screaming children all day, you'd think that you'd have no time to sort through an entire box of legos to see what you could find. Sometimes that's the only way to stop the kids from screaming. 

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