The Weekend Update With Lara

I was gonna write a post a few days ago, but I ran out of time and had to go to class. It's been pretty nice these first few days of class. I mean, I hate it, but I also get lots of breaks. I don't know what's wrong with this semester, but I've been dreading it since the end of last semester, last April so... maybe it really is a good semester, I'm just so determined to hate it.

Things I like so far:

These breaks. Amirite? In eh... two weeks, I'll be starting a student teaching thing, but right now I'm just doing training for that, and it's only once a week so there's lots of time now. For example: Class ended at 9:25 today. Class doesn't start until 4:30! I could go home, but there's nothing going on at home. Besides, I just remembered... I'm
locked out of the house. So I suppose it's a very good thing I didn't try to go home! I'm sitting in the library eating a peanut butter sandwich... watching Bachelor... stalking people's wedding pictures.... I get really nervous eating peanut butter in public places, since I can't bring it to work due to the allergic reactions that would ensue. I'm just hoping that no one around me is allergic...

Things I don't like:

I don't like my dance class. In fact, I hate it. I took a class a lot like it two years ago, and I didn't like that at first either. However, I feel that since then, I've become a lot more introverted. But this class is a prerequisite, and yah gotta get those done...

Today in dance, a fella walked in that I recognized. He was in that dance class I had already taken two years ago! Well, we were introducing ourselves, talking about our background in dance, saying why we were taking that class... I said I was taking it as a prereq, and my only background was that dance class from two years ago. The teacher asked what my previous teacher's name is, and I didn't remember, so I asked that classmate, and he said "Actually it was this class! The professor was ____(Don't remember...)"

Wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles, I'd already taken that class! So I don't have to take it again! Sadly... I could have taken the class it qualifies me for last Summer but eh... I dropped that class like a hot potato and registered for German 1010.

Looks like this Summer will be full.

This weekend, Joe and I went mountain biking. That's the kinda thing I want to learn to like more. I wanted to learn to like running, and Joe taught me to like that... so maybe I could like mountain biking too? We went with a ton of people from my home ward and my dad up to Snow Basin, rode the gondola up to the top... Which is where we were told that getting down would take an hour and a half.

AN HOUR AND A HALF!? That's a lot. A very lot. But I put on my big girl shoes and jumped on my bike. It took more like two hours to get down, and by the time we were at the bottom, I couldn't unclench my hands from the handle bars. It was mostly terrifying the whole way. And I'm covered in bruises. There were some parts where it was nice and smooth, going through the aspen trees, but for the most part... eh.

I'm not built for that. I'm sorry Joe. I'll try again but that was hard.

That is my terrified face. 

Sunday was busy. Joe and I got set apart in our new callings in our church. He's a Weblos leader, and I teach the five year olds! This calling has presented new challenges but it's a growing process, and I'll hopefully learn some new things, new teaching things.

 Around our house, it's been messy. With school starting and all, no one is really home to clean much. But home feels more home now than it did before. With even less time together, I'm that much more grateful to see my Joe when we're together.

Recent updates in our life:

We got some otter pops, so you can stop worrying about that. Our car is being a complete butt lately. We did get a spirit of the car though... a little green plastic dinosaur.

Preface: I like to buy little plastic figurines/toys or win them or find them or something, and then I put them in the car and they become the spirit of the car. A talisman of sorts.

Maybe this talisman is cursed. Now that I think of it... that makes sense.

Oh, Tomato is dying. I don't know why. And it breaks my heart, but I don't think he'll be around much longer. I'm not a good mom to lizards. I just don't know what to do.

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Teagan Norseth Nash said...

I love teaching five-year-olds! I think it's a great age in Primary.