A Story For You

My dad has these crazy dreams. It was so much fun, as a kid, to hear the dreams he had. It was like watching movies, except in our minds! It was almost better than reading a book, because the movies in our minds were original, straight from the brain of our dad.

Frankly, I was jealous of his dreams. I NEVER had anything like that. As time has gone on, I've had crazier and crazier dreams. I'm here to tell you my latest.

I was a pilot in a group of 12 others, so 13 of us total. One morning, I woke up and found a note next to my bed that Joe had ridden his bike to the train station, and I was to drive there, if I could just put some gas in the car first. I was a little sad, I missed him that morning... but I did as he asked and found myself at school. I kept texting him, trying to get a hold of him, but nothing. I heard something buzzing in my bookbag and found his phone in there, he'd forgotten it.

I sent him an email just real quick, wanting to hear something from him... when I got a call in on my phone from my pilot team operator. He told me they had my location, and saw that a plane of one of my teammates was going down just a few hundred yards from where I was. I looked up into the sky and saw an explosion, and a plane fell out of the sky. I ran over to where it landed and one of my female teammates crawled out of the wreckage.

"They're... in... the bag..."
"What's in the bag!"
"They're... in..... the bag... keep... them safe... Tell no one."

And she was gone. I held her as she took her last breath. I was freaking out! I grabbed the bag she was talking about and ran inside a nearby building. The bag she was talking about looked like a cereal bag, but inside were three unusual sphere-shaped things. I thought I could stash it somewhere and disguise it. If I stayed close, it would be safe, and I'd have some time to sort out my thoughts.

Suddenly a few team members showed up. "Where is it, Lara."

"What? I don't know what you're talking about..."
"Don't lie, we know you were with her when her plane went down. What did she tell you!"

I suppose I should mention that somehow I had the information in my mind that someone would give me a code and I would be able to trust them. I didn't know who that someone was, I didn't know what the code was... all I knew was that I'd know the code when it was given to me.

"How many balls were in the bag?"

I thought that was the code. "Three."

"HEY! The bag is right here!" My team members had grabbed it. I didn't know what was going on, I was so confused! They tore it open and took out the spheres. At this moment, one of my professors showed up.

She filled us in on what was going on. This is the part of a movie where everyone in the actual movie SHOULD know what is going on, but someone says what's going on anyways, for the benefit of the viewer. This was for the benefit of me, since I was the viewer of my own dream.

The world was ending. It would be over in a few hours, in fact. The thirteen of us were designated to be put into a time machine and teleported into the future where we'd be safe, where we'd miss the destruction of man kind. Thirteen was the plan... but one of us was killed. So just the twelve of us. The balls, for some reason, were helmet type things that when put on top of our heads and then removed, would suit us with the biological information needed to survive the time travel of 150 years. It also would morph us into the most attractive version of ourselves.

My version? The same. But I had green eyes and blue streaks in my hair. Go figure. We sat in the seats of the time machine thing and I cried. I cried because I wanted Joe. I cried because I didn't want a future without him. I begged to leave but they told me they'd kill me if I tried, because if the word got out that the world was ending, pandemonium would ensue and people would try to jeopardize the time travel efforts. I prayed that it wouldn't work, that we'd be stranded with the rest of the world and I could be with my Joe. The machine started running...

Suddenly, it was like I was turning the last page of a book, reading this all... and it was over. I picked up the next book to begin reading.

We'd made it. We survived the time travel.

I was with the 12, about 200 years later. Fifty years had passed since we came to the future. I didn't remember any of it, it was like I skipped a lot of my life and was picking it up, like I was in a movie I didn't belong in. I looked at myself and I looked the same as I did 200 years ago, I hadn't aged a day. The time machine made it so we wouldn't appear to age, but we would age anyways, and eventually die.

The blue streaks were fading from my hair and I lamented this, I liked them. Two children ran past me, in the cave I was standing in. I asked if they would help me dye my hair, and they said they would. I told them I needed either a plant from Hawaii, or a jellyfish from Hawaii to do so. They ran off to look and I followed them.

When I came out of the cave, I was at the top of the mountain, looking over a city where maybe 100-200 people lived. We had done it! The 12 of us had maintained human life! I walked down the mountain and into the basin where the city was located. Suddenly I heard explosions, I looked over to a mountain on my right, wondering if it was about to erupt. But it didn't. I realized it wasn't seismic tremors, what I heard were footsteps.

Over the mountain climbed a giant made of rocks. He was upset that we were taking the rocks from the mountain and making tools out of them. Every few months, he'd come into the city and go on a killing spree. I ran to hide as he walked over to one side of the basin and started to pummel it with his fists. Everyone was being killed!

I looked around and there were two others hiding near me. The giant turned around and looked for others but saw no one. He was starting to leave the basin when a man hiding with me snapped and started screaming in terror. The giant turned and saw us, walking over to us.

He raised his fist over his head and I ran for cover. He didn't notice, he hadn't seen me! I started to back away from him, trying to hide before he saw me, but I backed into his leg. He whipped around and raised his fist.

It came down on me and everything went black. And then I woke up.

The end. Maybe??? Maybe I'll have to come up with more. This is too much fun.

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Anonymous said...

Do you ever have a dream, where you recognize the place, and everything in it, and all the roads, and points of interest that you want to visit while there, except every bit of it has only existed in your dreams? Kinda like your own private Narnia, except more like real life.

I had one like that last night. We were at the cabin, but it was different, like it always is in the dream, yet familiar, because I have been there so many times, in other dreams.

But this time, they had built a huge apartment there, like the one your gramps lives in, but made of rough, brown wood. There were people everywhere - swarms of them - enjoying themselves. I thought, "I always feared this would happen in my dreams, and now it has come true in real life."

Except it turns out, it was only a dream after all.

I love vivid dreams too. Keep dreaming, Lara.

Your fan, LDS.