In Review

Another semester down, and I have so many people to thank.

Thank you to that kid who let me know I was taking a class I already took yet somehow forgot.
Thanks to my German professor who let me into the class a few days late.
Thanks you my lovely two year olds for being the cutest group of kids I've had the pleasure of working with.
Thanks to my tutoring pupil for being an absolute dream in the midst of a normally terrible work experience.
Thanks to my classmates who'd let me in on projects.
Thanks to that one class that I only went to about five times but still got an A in.
Thanks to Pell Grants, you guys rock.
Thank you to the train for getting me to work and from work and to school and from school. I know I complain about you a lot, but overall, you did a good job. I owe ya, big guy.
Thanks to the news for giving me interesting things to talk about when stuff got bored.
Thanks to my new computer who NEVER let me down! *bumps chest twice, kisses fist, shows peace sign*
Most of all, thanks to Joe. People said that getting married would improve your grades, and they're right. He was a patient loving voice who reminded me to study, who became my test subject on lesson plans, who was my German tutor, who let me vent to him about annoying people, who'd ride the train with me even if it was earlier than he needed to, just because he knew I needed support sometimes to get through the day.

It was a hard semester, I won't lie, and I don't anticipate that the next one will be any easier, but I'm grateful to all those who helped me through it and made it quite the adventure. So bring on the next!

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