Naked Walls

Our walls are naked again. They were naked when we moved here too, and they thought about staying that way for a while as we contemplated whether this was where we wanted to live or not. Count the number of "w's" "ws" "w"s in that last sentence. There's a lot. 

Turns out it was where we wanted to live, or at least, it was where I wanted to live, and Joe loved me enough to want to live where I was. But eventually, it stopped making sense that we lived here. I guess when the only argument for wanting to stay is "I really wanted to put up a Christmas tree here..." then maybe it's not where we're meant to be. 

We did put up a Christmas tree. And today we took it down. With the pictures. And we put all the memories in boxes. Except for one memory that's decaying in a small box in a shallow grave in the back yard. Hint: It's a lizard. Don't worry. 

And so now what? Now the walls are naked and it doesn't really feel like home anymore. But it feels like it should be.

I wonder if there will be a little farm across the street from our new place, like the one we have here. 
I wonder if two women who speak an unknown language will ride the train with us every morning.
I wonder if our new ward will like us and if they'll sing as loud as they do here.
I wonder if Tomato will ever forgive us for burying him here and leaving.
I wonder if the carpet will be nicer than it is here.
I wonder if it will be warm in the living room of our new house so I don't have to look for blanket upon blanket every time I sit on our adopted couch.
I wonder if there will be more counter space.
I wonder if the toilet will flush with a slight push on the handle, rather than a 7 seconds (no less) push on the handle.
I wonder if we'll need to tear open the doorway to fit our mattress inside our bedroom.
I wonder if they'll let us hang pictures on the walls.

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Julie Norseth said...

Where are you going? I know we didn't ever hand out but it just felt comforting knowing you were in the same city as me. :(