Blogging Boring (Late Night Wednesday Class)

Help me. I'm stuck in class. Last week we got out really early and it was great. The two weeks before that class wasn't held. Today? No such luck.

It's boring.
Help me it's so boring.
Here is my log of events just so someone knows my story

4:37 He's joking about closing the blinds to the outside world. NO.
4:46 Comic sans? Really? Comic sans on a power point. We're college adults. We're not kids. And even kids are too old for comic sans.
4:47 Oops. He was asking the class questions. Wasn't paying attention. Just nodding NO. They're shaking heads. Shaking my head.
4:49 Nobody brought treats to class today. OMGosh rude. Rude. Let's see who was supposed to bring treats...
What the! Two people were supposed to bring treats! Where are the treats! RUDE.
4:42 Wait not really. Just kinda. But lentils? She likes lentils now?
4:53 Hah oops. Notice that time travel there? Meant to say 4:52, not 42.
4:54 Yeh know... I like lentils. They taste kinda dusty and I like that. Hunggrrryyyyyy...
4:56 "We have all these disjointed silos of results. Some unintended effects were that we had some conflicting results. The old system is that we had all these students, and in this case they're all girls with pigtails. We have all these students that we're teaching..."
4:57 I'm typing furiously. Does he know I'm literally typing everything he's saying? Is it conspicuous? Am I typing too much?

5:01 I tried making some funny faces. It's a small classroom and it's hard to make faces without him noticing. These were the funniest I could manage when he wasn't looking. Sorry... Top right one is pretty awesome though, right?
5:02 And now here's the guilt trip. I GET IT OK. I know. I'm supposed to be learning to raise up a generation of geniuses but OH MY GOSH. Professor just said "sucker". And not in the candy way. Fist pump included. What did I just miss.
5:03 Anyways this class is REALLY BORING. I'm gonna be a good teacher ok? Promise. I just really don't want to pay attention. It's a low level class anyways. Never gonna use it.
5:04 #famouslastwords 
5:05 Had an exam last week. That's why class was short. Don't know what I got. He's not gonna tell until the end of class. I leave before then every week anyways... gotta catch a train that gets me home before 9:30... Especially with 7:30am class tomorrow.
5:06 Uggghhhhh I didn't create a lesson. Never mind you don't care.

HAH Got this one! What a rush! I think he saw me make this face! It's hard to tell because my eyes were crossed.
5:11 Totally just had to turn and talk to my neighbor. Didn't know what I was talking about. Nailed it though. Professor loved it. Rocking this whole not paying attention thing. 
5:12 #famouslastwords
5:14 I read some news. Learned that paraphernalia doesn't always mean free t-shirts.
5:17 Paul Rudd isn't a politician? Huh. Learn two new things every day.
5:22 Seriously, how are people sitting there with their notebooks and pens, just staring at the professor? Are they listening? Are they sleeping with their eyes open? Man now that's a guilt trip. At least all the people around me are not paying attention either.
5:23 Maybe it's where I'm sitting. Maybe this is the bored cloud, and if I moved out of it... I'd be interested in what is happening...
5:24 But I still know what he's saying. 
5:25 Soooo... I've been blogging for about half hour now and maybe some day someone important will read this and think I'm lazy and bad at whatever topic this class is about and they won't wanna give me a job or something. So I'm gonna stop blogging so future employers will think I paid attention for the rest of forever.

(Also Pinterest beckons.)

UPDATE 5:27 We're listening to Beat It by the Mr. Jackson himself. It's got an educational rap. Maybe my class is awesome. 

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