Hobbies and Habits

It's been busy yeah yeah yeah hush. Like you've never been busy. My main form of communication with others consists of email and facebook because the "talking" time that I have is during boring classes.

So quick update. I've been accepted into my department and can officially start preparing for student teaching in the Fall, thank you, thank you... Joe and I have settled into our new place and successfully broken our car twice. A bike was returned that was stolen a year ago, only to find that it wasn't our bike... we've been married for one week short of 10 months as of today, and we're watching people fight over online pokemon.

Valentines day was made up of texts, sweet chili doritos, roses and red daisies, sushi, Chinese take-out, and Runaway Bride. Something about those old movies with that one girl who's the star in that movie (can't remember her name...) they're almost always favorites of mine.

Joe's family was in town for the weekend and we were so blessed by their company and spoiled by them. And now they're back in Colorado and we really miss them...

SO. We have a new hobby! Geocaching!

If you've never done this, what you do is get a GPS, go online and find coordinates for these little geocaches, plug 'em into your GPS, and set off on a hunt for them. Some can be pretty easy. The first just took some getting used to, the second (for some reason we thought we could tackle this one) was INCREDIBLY HARD. That little capsule on the left. Tiny thing laying in the dirt. We found three a few weekends ago, we had some spare time yesterday after homework and went to find one at an Elementary school. They're nothing big, really. Sometimes there's toys inside...

Most of the time the toys aren't that fascinating, and we figure some little kid is gonna come by with a GPS some day and really want that donkey derby button a lot more than we do. So we sign the log and move on. We might get a little travel bug thing, something with a tracker on it that people can take. It's really fun, and I recommend it for those adventurist type people. When the weather gets good we'll go up into the mountains and find some. 

Habits? Or lack thereof. The hair washing thing is still going on. Has been for about two weeks now. I wash one day, dry shampoo the second day, nothing the third day, then wash again the fourth day and start the cycle all over again. Wash days mean hair down. Second day usually means hair down too. Third day almost always means hair up except...

Dear mom and dad. My hair looks red in this picture. I promise
I did not dye it red. I haven't died it. I don't know why it's looking
red these days. Blame it on my ADD. (It's dubstep. It's ok if you
don't get it. I still think you're cool.)

Left my hair down again today! Third day hair here, people. And it feels like the first week's second day hair. So progress is being MADE. I think I'll go without a wash again tomorrow! Depends on how grumpy I feel in the morning. Disclaimer: I'm always grumpy in the morning. One type of grumpy means I don't wanna do anything hence, no hair wash. The other type of grumpy means I hate my face, meaning hair wash so I don't feel like an icky slob. 

So we'll see. 

My hair is thicker and shinier these days, and the days I seem to hate it, Joe always complements it. 

Also, you should know, that while I stood in the light of the kitchen trying to get a good picture, he was in the other room doing homework singing a combo of "Paint it Black" and "You're So Vain". He's a good one there and I do love that boy. 

More to come in updates on food and fitness, but first I need to get a cutesy picture of my shoes or something. You know. Blog things.


Linda Hoffman said...

Julia Roberts? that one girl?

Robert Maurer said...

Keep the blogs coming.