This Fhairytale: Day 2, and my baby head

That's better. Fhairytale. Still the best. So let me know if you've got better ones still.

I thought I'd go every other day, washing my hair, but last night the numbers on the left side of the clock kept getting bigger and my eyes got more tired and I realized how very little sleep I'd get that night soooo.... I didn't wash again this morning. Just the dry shampoo again.

My analysis? Saved me time, again. I was a little nervous because I was gonna be leaving my hair down so I could rest my head against the seat on the train so I could get some more sleep. You would too if you caught the train at 5:50. Some lady had an eye cover thingy and was wearing a snuggy. The 5:50 train will be interesting.

I was also nervous because the bus doesn't run that early and our car is broken, so I had to bike. My hair can look pretty crazy after biking first thing in the morning.

While drying my hair it felt a little stick, and when I was done, it definitely looked sticky, but I sprayed some of that dry shampoo on it, and MAGIC HAPPENED ON MY HEAD. My hair looked fresh and bouncy. The dry shampoo keeps oil out of my head, but it also helps tame fly-aways.

Let me tell you about fly aways. You know baby hair? It's all fluffy and cute, whispy all over. Then toddlers, they have those little whispies around their face, the new baby hairs growing. Eventually that stops though, the baby hairs grow all the way in. Never stopped for me. I still have baby hairs growing around my hair line. I know four year olds with hair that looks more grown up than mine. I have a baby head still.

Well, so my hair looks ok, but when I touch it, it doesn't feel nice. Wouldn't be a problem if I put it up, but I was so darned stubborn this morning, set on sleeping on the train, which, by the way, I didn't, because that same lady with a snuggy was loudly complaining about the lack of wifi. YOU'RE WEARING A SNUGGY. GO TO SLEEP.

I'll be washing my hair tomorrow. Overall for day 2 (even though this would be called third day hair, confusing, whatever...) looks nice, feels weird.

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