My Fantastic Exphairience: Day 1

Exphairience. Like experience? I don't know. Going out on a limb there. If anyone can think of a better title for this, let me know.

I've been trying to do some new things to improve my health, like drinking water, running, stuff like that. I've also been trying to lay off some things. I'm trying to be slower to reach for pain medication when I get a headache, and so far, so good. I don't remember the last time I took pain meds, and I haven't even needed them! AWESOME.

Something had been bothering me. My hair. I go through these phases where I'm just in love with my hair and we dance together in the moonlight and do little things to surprise each other through the day. Then we go through these phases where we fight and treat each other terribly and do everything we can to make life a living nightmare for each other.

The latter situation breaks my heart, because my hair is my security blanket. For years, I'd only wear it down and straight. Every day I'd blow dry it and straighten the heck out of it. That's probably why we'd fight so much, all that heat and pressure in a relationship isn't good. But I wouldn't feel confident if it wasn't down and wasn't immaculately clean and perfectly straight.

Lately my hair and I have been fighting more than usual. It's probably because I caught it on fire. And because I'm growing it out, and it hasn't been this long since freshman year of high school. So we fight a lot, and hair days are more bad than good. I don't want to just cut off our relationship and shave my head. I want to fight for us! So that's what I'm doing.

I've been reading so many things about quitting shampoo. And so far, most of it seemed pretty good. I tried it once in the past, but couldn't do it for longer than one day. That's right. I went one day without washing my hair and threw a temper tantrum and quit. That's mainly because I tried to wear my hair down, and it was just catastrophic. These days, I've gained more confidence in my styles. I feel like I can put it up, I can curl it... but heaven forbid I go without washing it. Those articles previously mentioned changed my mind.

So today, I tried it. And guess what. I LOVE IT.

So here is my journey.


It's amazing how much time you have in the morning when you don't wash your hair and then you just pull it back. I was worried that my hair would smell funky, as if I hadn't washed it or something (weird, right?) but it didn't. I'm using Suave's dry shampoo. And I know. Joe always is saying how everyone says Suave is bad. But it was the cheap stuff I bought at the store last time I tried to quit shampoo, and I still had a full bottle left, so I'm using it again.

Maybe I'll upgrade some day. Any recommendations?

The Suave stuff smells great. Lemony and lovely. My hair smells better than it does when I shampoo it.

I sprayed it in, about 6 inches from the roots, and really only on the very top of my head, as it seems to get the ickiest the fastest. Joe laughed at first, as suddenly I had a white skunk stripe right down the middle of my head.

"Is that what you're gonna look like when you're old?"

"Yep. Get used to it."

"Are you gonna dye your hair when you're old?"


I combed through my hair and tousled it with my
fingers, and my hair was LOVELY. Such volume.
 Such texture. I was almost convinced I
could leave my hair down for the day!

But I didn't. I put it up in a top knot. And I HAVE

Shampoo fast day one: success. I'm debating whether or not to use wet poo or dry poo tomorrow and gross. Not calling it that again.

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