Fierce as in fierce cough.

The kind that pulls your knees to the ground and makes your eyes water. I've been taking some DoTerra stuff, because people says it works. I think it's been working, this cold was promising to be a lot worse than it actually is right now. But it's still pretty bad. Joe got me a humidifier last night, and I slept like a baby. That peaceful white noise, the moist air. I woke up, took a shower, and dropped Joe off at the train station, and came home coughing like there was a ghost inside of me trying to escape. That's the best way I can explain it. It's an angry ghost.

Fierce as in Tyra Fierce.

I'm so mad at America's Next Top Model. I'm mad that they kicked off my favorite person, and that my least favorite person won. I'm mad at Tyra. I hate her. I know, some day, she'll read this, because Tyra totally reads my blog... She'll read this and in the next ANTM she'll be all "One day I read something sad about me on the internet but I DIDN'T LET IT STOP ME! I ROSE ABOVE IT! They hate me because I'm different and beautiful!

No Tyra, I hate you because you're annoying.

She's that bad friend, you know the one. With the perfect hair and clothes and everything, and you go out to eat with them and place your order and they're all "Oh, that's so awesome that you can eat whatever you want and not care about how fat you get. I wish I could be like you... Sigh... I'll have two pieces of lettuce?" Tyra loves to accentuate people's flaws and make them super aware of them because they're supposed to embrace them or something. When really? I think she does it to make her feel better about herself. She's not good enough to be a model anymore, so she's making friends with all these young people and being all "I taught you everything you know! REMEMBER ME!!!"

Fierce as in fire.

I've been coughing, as mentioned. I called my mom on Tuesday and asked if she had a humidifier still. Nope... She suggested I boil a pot of water instead. I remember I had some roommates that did that? So I did it to. I was standing above the pot breathing it, and turned around, resting my back against the bar that we pull to open our oven, and I was talking to Joe. My back was getting really hot. I like the heat, like I've mentioned before. It was getting hotter, and I was thinking the pot was boiling a lot and was shooting up a lot of steam, so I turned around and reached my hand to my back, quickly realizing along the way that the heat wasn't a moist heat...

I had gotten my lovely flowy shirt too close to the oven. It caught on fire. I was on fire. I was the girl on fire! For real! Did Katniss ever really catch on fire? I guess her pants did... But I was on fire. I quickly pulled the shirt off of me and threw it onto the floor. The shirt was made out of Kleenex or something, so there wasn't much to burn. I think I could have kept the shirt on me, and it would have completely burned off of me without catching my other clothes on fire, it would have burned that fast. Of course, my skin probably would have burned...

And I did get burned. On my wrist. It looks like Aladdin's lamp. To the kids who ask what happened, I tell them I boiled a pot of spaghetti and the hot water splashed onto my hand. I don't want them running home telling their parents that a girl in their school caught on fire... To my classmates and colleagues, I tell them what really happened. To me? I tell myself I was licked by a dragon.

My hair got burned too. I cried for a long time over this. It was so unfair... I've never had truly long hair, and it was just starting to grow, really grow.... I brushed it over the sink and watched it fall out. I sat in the bathtub crying, my hair full of fancy good smelling oils that would somehow make it better. The next day my hair was too gunky to handle. So I put it in a pony tail. I hate wearing pony tails. I love having my hair down and loose, to blow in the wind, to play with, to let kids braid it.... Today, it was clean enough to blow out and straighten. And you know what? The damage isn't that bad. In fact, I can't notice it. I know that there's stuff missing, because I brushed it into the sink in clumps... but for now, you can't tell, and my hair is soft and it's still pretty long and so I'm ok.

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