The 9 Best Friends

I read this cute girl's post a while back about the types of best friends you have. I was reflecting today on the various adventures I've had with various people, many of whom have probably never met each other, but all of who are really near and dear/close to my heart. So here you have it folks...
The 9 Best Friends of Lara Jean

The Bandies

Something about seeing people every day for at least two hours and enduring extreme weather conditions together makes you best friends. I hold to the fact that the only reason I've enjoyed college is because of marching band and the amazing people I've met through the program. They're people that I don't see often anymore, but when we do meet it's like no time has passed at all and we slide back in to being the band geeks of our college years. (Lol. College years. I'm still in college.)

The Interneters

Every now and then you join a group on facebook and end up sharing deep parts of your life with them and then you become real life friends. These are those girls. It's hilarious to think of how we "met", but I'm oh so glad it happened. They're people I think I could tell just about anything, and they give support like nothing you've ever seen, while simultaneously giving the best advice to be heard on this side of the solar system. (Those Plutonians on the other hand...) These girls have been through so much and still remain some of the strongest people I know. I count myself fortunate to have met them.

The Comic-Strip Friends

These are the friends you meet because they randomly drew a comic in which you happened to be a star. And then you become tight knit for 8 years and counting. They're the kinda friends where you go months without seeing them and when you see each other you have so much to talk about that you can't stop talking and everyone is talking at once but you're understanding everything the other people are saying. Because our brains are connected. Because we read Twilight together and wrote comics together and met  jerks and boyfriends and exes and husbands together. I can't think of too many major life events that I've been through in which these girls did not play a part. We fight, we break up, we kiss, we make up, but something happens when the three of you ride a four wheeler into the middle of no-where and climb out on a log hanging over a cliff together and you just sit there and stare at the world. You become connected.

The animal best friend

This is the first picture Joe ever saw of me...

I suppose when I think about my animal best friend, it would have to be my first pet, Stupid. And Stupid was Stupid and he didn't eat his food and died but I still loved him and I cried myself to sickness the night he died. I remember the day I picked him out at the pet store and drove him home and made him a house. I remember how he'd be my company when I was mad at boys, but he'd always try to make a good impression around the guys I liked. A little gecko and a wing man forever. Now I have a new animal best friend, though, Ferrari, and I sure do love that guy too. He's not so much of a best friend as he is a child to Joseph and I but whatevs.

The Parents Best Friends

I didn't have a ton of friends in middle school, right? Actually I think I had almost zero friends. Besides my parents, that is. My parents are complete dorks and know how to embarrass me more than anyone else. But hey, isn't that the main part of being a best friend?

The Siblings Best Friends

Lol. We R so little

Brian and I were always best friends and I'm so glad we had a few months together in our own house before lives all changed. He's always special to me. My little brudder. And I'll never turn down a chance to laugh with him really hard about things that we forgot.
Becca, on the other hand, Becca was not always my best friend. We would argue a ton, but that's part of being a teenage girl and sharing a bathroom with another teenage girl. All I know is that we could spend an entire night arguing or we could spend an entire night making faces in the bathroom mirror and laughing our heads off. And now I've moved away and I wish we were best friends the whole time, because when you take the time to get to know the girl, she's one of the most strong-willed, beautiful-souled, inspirational young women you'll ever meet.

The In-Laws

People can share horrible horror stories about their in-laws but I can't say I know of a single bad thing about my in-laws. I haven't known them for that long. We've known of each other for a long time, but living states apart makes it hard to see each other very often. I just know that when we do see each other, it feels like I've known them my whole life, and I never ever feel out of place with them.

The Older Sister

I am the oldest in my family. No older siblings. But one day a girl sat next to me in church and we realized we had music in common, as well as a love for old songs that no one listens to. So we became best friends. She was my older sister I never had. We'd call each other first to share the exciting milestones of life with each other. We worked together and would lend support at the drop of a pin, whether support was in the form of smack talking someone who'd bothered one of us while the other just fumed, whether it was stealing each other away from the world for an afternoon to watch the best movies or look at recipes, or whether it was straight up telling each other when they needed to make a change. I like being the oldest sibling of my family, don't get me wrong, but I'm oh so grateful I have a big sister like this amazing woman.

The Soup Snake

Who laughs at every single inside joke whether they were there or not because they get it, despite never experiencing it. They get it. The best friend who knows exactly what you're feeling just by looking at you, no matter how hard you try to hide your insides. The best friend who, in the most peculiar way, is exactly like you but nothing like you because of how far better they are than you yet never let you feel like anything less than twenty gazillion billion trillion fagillion bucks. The best friend who is your husband and who would do anything for you, and you know you would do the same.


Britt Hanson said...

I love that picture of us so much.

Lara Becar said...

Were we purposely trying to be as awkward as possible? It's just gold.