Good Mood of the Day

Guys guys guys I have to show you where I'm studying because I think it's so cute.

The new department of education really rocks. This time of year is a little strange. It fills me with energy for school while at the same time making me want to do nothing but sit outside. 

It's a time of independence! Walking between classes and seeing all the people... I feel alone. Refreshingly alone haha. Not alone as in no one cares for me and I could care less but alone in the sense that I am working to take care of a future for myself. And my husband and future children :) Maybe the term isn't alone, maybe the term is responsible. And I love it. Responsible in a good way. Refreshingly responsible. 

This time last year I was applying for admission into my department. This year I'm applying for scholarships. (YAY! MONEY!) Tip: Things are a lot less stressful if you decide to NOT put it off until the last minute. Just a few more short essays to write and I'm done. And next year at this time I'll be applying for graduation.

MAN I could eat an apple right now. The air is just clear and beautiful. The sky is blue. Classes are GOING and they're almost done. And then one more day of long classes and then it's smooth sailing until the weekend! 

And I'm feeling so full of love for my family and friends and for the gospel of Jesus Christ! Heavenly Father loves me and sent me to a beautiful world. I'm so fortunate to have this wonderful life and I just want to make others happy.

That's my good mood of the day.

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