Hi, At Us!

Me: Joe, do you wanna write a blog post for me?
Joe: No.
Me: Why not?
Joe: Don't wanna..... we can see Frozen on Mondays any time from 4:30-6:30. This isn't a blog post! Alligator alligator alligator.
Me: Wow. I spelled alligator wrong.

Well, this begins me two week hiatus. Hi, at us! I'm doing finals for a bit, cabin for a bit, class for a bit... but all those bits add up to some rocks and work is the hard place (really work is the wonderful nice place that I love...) but it all boils down to me not being able to do both right now. Thus... two week hiatus and then back at it.

Have I told you I'm teaching 3rd Grade next year? Did I mention how it scares me that my laboratory will be the real world? Did I say how it scares me that if I mess up then I mess up their lives for a little bit? Those little kids? That's scary.

But at the same time I've never been so excited, I've never felt more driven. This summer is gonna be heck in a hand basket that I carry around in my book bag along with all the text books... but I'm doing it because in the end it means I can be a teacher to third grade. Third grade, wow....

I'm so excited.

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