We Ran Away To The Mountains

We had a wonderful WONDERFUL day yesterday! First anniversaries are a lot more peaceful than weddings. Lemme just say.

But I'm addicted to weddings. I'm going to three weddings in the next month and I'M SO EXCITED. Say Yes To The Dress is my JAM yo! My JAM! Just crack open that jar of Netflix and spread it on some bread.

Right. Yesterday.

We started out the morning with "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!" and some German Pancakes. Joseph got me a gorgeous antique anniversary clock. They're the kind that you only wind up once a year. So we'll wind it up on our anniversary once a year! Oh it's a beautiful clock.

Joe had been under the weather so he took a nap for a bit, then we headed out to get picnic supplies and drove up Squaw Peak. I've always wanted to stand atop Squaw Peak. And yesterday? We didn't. We hiked a ways up there but it was windy and cold and Joe was under the weather and I wasn't wearing hiking shoes. But we did have an wonderful picnic with a wonderful view and even more wonderful company.

We took some pictures.

I kinda ditched my camera in recent months and that is something I regret. It's a nice camera, and it does a pretty good job. Guess I'll have to play with it more. Moral of the story, don't judge a camera by its resolution. 

Ran down the mountain, came home and watched The Amazing Spiderman before dinner. It's hard to take that movie seriously after just watching the Bad Lip Reading of it.

We went to dinner at La Jolla Groves. It's a gorgeous restaurant with really delicious food that promptly gave me food poisoning. It was good enough though that I'll probably go back again. Let me give you a tip. Lemonade.

Ok. So. Today marks the first day of our second year of marriage. Having a year under our belt, we're what you'd call.... "Seasoned Pros". We'll each give you one tip, one memory, and some things we want to accomplish in the next year.


Tip: Make a budget and stick to it. Marriage is a lot more happy and peaceful when finances are not something you argue over all the time. We've never once disagreed, and I owe that to Joe's amazing budget skills.

Memory: I remember when he called me on July 10th, one year after our first date, and replicated the exact phone call we had the year prior when he asked me out. We just duplicated the first date and it was lovely. (Joe says "That was totally spontaneous by the way. I was calling you about something else and then randomly decided to turn it into that.")

Things we want to accomplish in the next year: I want to graduate with my Joe! I can't wait to graduate at the same time as him. That will be fun. Also I want to tell him one thing I like about him every day. Aaaaaaand I want to do something extraordinarily memorable each month. Shouldn't be hard with him.


Tip: Just love each other. Um... Good times and bad times will come but just remember why you married each other. (He's giving me tummy hugs. Awww...)

Memory: I liked our memory of Christmas. Because it was our first Christmas together as a married couple. And it was lots of fun! (Joe is not good at remembering anything. Those were his words, not mine.) I count on you to remember things for me!

Things we want to accomplish in the next year: Find a place to live for the next couple of years of our lives, where we can settle down and start a family.
"What else?"
"What else?! Isn't that enough?"

Alright. Well. There you go people.

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