The Mountains

I think once a week I text Joe, begging him to let us run away to the mountains together. He usually says yes, because come on, running... mountains... who wouldn't turn that down. But then we never actually go.

This week we went.

I haven't been to my cabin in over a year. Ohhhh I loved coming back. I always thought my cabin was in the most beautiful place in the world, and it was just bliss taking my husband there. I suppose he's already been but yeah.

Let me tell you what this week consisted of.

Climbing mountains. We don't hike mountains. We find mountains with no trails, that seem impossibly steep... and we climb them. And then we sit on our bums at the top of the mountain and listen to the wind hurrying through the trees before pushing ourselves off the side and sliding down the face of the mountain on our pockets. Filling our pockets with dirt. Filling our socks with dirt.

This week consisted of shedding shoes on the rickety bridge and jumping into the river before screaming and running back to shore because it was too cold. And laughing as Joe tried to climb up the bridge again. Then walking back to the cabin with shoes in one hand, and Joe's hand in the other... barefoot. I developed what I call "leather feet" for a reason. It's so I can walk barefoot anywhere. My feet may not look pretty but it's better than wearing shoes. I hate wearing shoes.

This week consisted of floating around a midnight dark swimming pool in the middle of the trees as the stars spun in circles above our heads and bats dove down to dip their wings in the water before flying off again. Talking about sad stories and happy stories and deep stories and each other.

This week consisted of laying in a hammock under the sun and the swaying, waving trees and reading books and talking about the issues of the world and resting on each other and enjoying being close.

This week consisted of laying under stars and pointing out planets and the big dipper and the North star and wondering which direction the sun would rise and wondering why it was so cold.

This week consisted of battling over board games, but making in through with our marriage intact. That's a success.

This week consisted of fires and trying to burn wet wood and using what Joe calls "Girl scout juice" (lighter fluid...) and Joe being an all around boy scout as he cleared the fire pit of trash before lighting and cleared the area... and then we dropped hot dogs and star bursts and peach rings into the fire when they melted off the roasting rods.

It was a much needed vacation to the Cabin. I haven't had a vacation since Christmas. I suppose that isn't that long ago, but considering this semester, it WAS long ago.

Now I get to start school again. I think it'll be ok. I didn't panic this time. I always panic before school starts. But the cabin refreshed me and got me ready and excited for the future. So it's gonna be ok.

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