Observations on Being Alone

Joseph left for his trip yesterday. He let me get Hawaiian pizza, since he doesn't like it, so I could have it all to myself.

Pizza smells good, but not as good as Joe. And it didn't taste quite as good either, without him here to make fun of cooked pineapple.
The bed felt a lot more poofy, springy. No one was pressing it down next to me. I thought I'd like that. I thought I'd like the space. I didn't. I couldn't sleep.
I decided to wake up at 12:26 and lash out next to me trying to find Joe because I missed him. But instead, I knocked over a cup of water.
Getting ready took a lot less time. I had about 20 minutes to sit around. And I hate that. And I hate going home because there's nothing there for me.

But if you skype the person you miss and each of you wrap your arms around yourselves and squeeze hard, it feels like they're there and they're hugging you, until you try to laugh with them and it's delayed.

I'm not so great at this long distance relationship thing. We did it for the year we dated, prior marriage... but now, not so much.

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Anonymous said...

Now you did it.

You went and made me miss Joe too!