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WELL I'm going on day three of being ditched by Joe (for his business trip). I think I'm going insane because I can't sleep. I feel like it's been three long school days, and that I haven't really come home yet. But I do go home and curl up under the blankets and put a pillow next to me to pretend it's Joe and watch the Bachelorette.

Has anyone noticed that Andi is like... INSANE?! She loves drama a LOT. She looks for the drama. I've noticed this a lot with her. If it's not dramatic enough, then she makes it more dramatic. She needs to STOP. We would not be friends.

But it makes for suitable TV, somewhat.

I should mention that I've had pizza for 6 meals in a row, now. That's something to be proud of. But with great pride comes a great humbling. I'm allergic to carrots, now. The day has come. I knew it would. It was marching towards me and I could see it. And now it's here. And I'm ok because I don't really like carrots, but I know Joe does. He's in for a rude awakening when he comes home. Some wife I am, getting allergic to his favorite vegetable while he's out of town.

I dream of HTML. It's not EVEN as cool as dreaming of Jeannie. I've been doing so many blogs these days. I'm working on about 10 at the same time. And it's fun. It makes the days seem even longer, but it makes me forget that I'm alone, because robots can't be alone, and when I do blogs, I'm a robot.

Oh people. I just need Joe back.

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Kellie said...

When dad is out of town, I dont sleep either. I usually turn the radio on to some crazy late night show about aliens and ghosts and stuff like that, and eventually fall asleep, dreaming of aliens and ghosts and stuff like that. Then I wake up suddenly, thinking about aliens and ghosts and stuff like that, and notice that the light is on in his closet, and feel a bit safer, because I know whats in that closet. :)