Ranking The Companions

ALRIGHT. I finally did it. I convinced Becca to watch Doctor Who. That was a very hard thing to do. I had to agree to watch some Broadway something or other in exchange. I'm ok with that, I guess. I just want her to watch DOCTOR WHO.

Lemme give you my background on Doctor Who. I was 20 years old, and largely uninterested in it. I was very very bothered by "Whovians"... people who were all super into Doctor Who but seemed to be fake nerds in my opinion. It bothered me.

Then I walked into a kitchen one day and met Joseph's family for the first time. We'd been dating two months. His brother was getting a hair cut. His sister called me Larabar. I felt like one of the family immediately. And then they mentioned Doctor Who and asked if I'd ever seen it. Nope! I hadn't. And I didn't want to. But they kindly and lovingly let me know that if I wanted to keep dating Joe, I needed to watch the show. And so I started watching it. They mentioned dinosaurs on a space ship and WHO DOESN'T THINK THAT'S AWESOME?!

I got hooked quick. In fact, I remembered a story. My dad proposed to my mom when watching Doctor Who. She was laughing to hard at the show (these were the old really cheesy ones....) and so wasn't taking him seriously so he pulled her outside and proposed and the rest is history. I wondered if Joseph would propose while watching Doctor Who. Part of me wanted that. He did pretend to do so... but then joked me last minute. And proposed the next day, so I forgave him.

Anyways. I've seen all of the modern season and a good deal of the older seasons as well. The older seasons are boring as heck, cheesy as heck, and in black and white, which for some reason makes me fall asleep. I'm no pro on this season, but I do have favorites.

So I'M GONNA RANK THE COMPANIONS!!! Just the modern ones. And I know there were side companions for specials and there's that motley crew of the human and the lizard lady and the fat alien warrior, but I don't consider them to be companions. Overall, Stormageddon, the baby, is my favorite companion, but just because of his name. I also like Sarah Jane because someone thought I looked like her once and that was cool.

So here we go.

In order of favorite to least favorite because I think least favorite will be more shocking and entertaining than the favorites.

1. Rory and Amy. These two are duo companions. What I love about them is how genuinely grateful they seem to be, traveling with the Doctor. I love how they put their relationship with each other first. I love how the SPOILERS Doctor marries WAIT NEVER MIND. UNSPOIL. I love how their story ends, in the most beautifully heartbreaking way that entirely sums up their relationship.

2. Donna. Donna was very humble. She was strong, and wouldn't let people walk over her, but she was aware of her weaknesses and incredibly compassionate. She was passionate about what she thought was ok and not, as well. She made her opinions known, but not in a "I'm right because I'm me, and I'm always right..." kinda way, it was more of a "I'm right because this is truly the good thing to do."

3. Rose. Ok having Rose at number three makes people think "She's in the top three!" but that's only because I'm not including Captain Jack, Wilfred, River, and Mickey. Rose annoyed me so much. It was hard to get through her episodes. The way she stood and the way she talked just drove me batty. She also ALWAYS messed everything up. Always. She couldn't do the right thing if it killed her. She was like a child tagging along. She got better when she was banished (hah! BANISHED) to another dimension, and would come back. She did better things then. The series made her into a better character because you just felt so bad for the Doctor because of how much he missed Rose. And it was awesome to see "Bad Wolf" written all over and you're like "OMG I KNOW WUT UR TALKING ABOUT>>>."

4. Clara. I thought I would like Clara. She's got a cute face, she's quick on her feet, and she's quirky. What don't I like about her? She's entitled. She makes ridiculous demands that don't even make sense and the Doctor just fawns over her so he does it for her. Her whole "impossible girl" thing was so nonsense. Didn't make any sense. I was so excited to find out what her deal was, because it seemed SO INTERESTING. But when you find out you're like "Really? That's it? That doesn't even make sense." But they did it because they needed to make a companion as cool as Rory and Amy. Sorry BBC, that ain't gonna happen. Unless you bring them back and pretend they're different people, like you do with all your other characters. *cough* Pompeii *cough*.

5. Martha. I don't even get her deal. I guess what bothered me was that she was so desperately in love with the Doctor when the only thing he did was kiss her once, which he does to everyone. I suppose it's sweet that she valued the kiss, when the Doctor clearly didn't. But it bothered me that another woman had the heart of the Doctor and Martha is tagging along trying to win him over. That doesn't float well with me. I'll slap any woman trying to win over the heart of my husband, guuuurrrllll. And then Martha was all resentful towards the Doctor for never loving her. He didn't owe her anything. SORRY MARTHA.

I'm very excited for the next season coming out, and meeting the new Doctor. I'm so intrigued by him. I can't wait to see what he turns out to be, but judging from those like... 2 seconds where we saw his eyes and all he said was "THIRTEEN" in the big screen movie... he's gonna be AWESOME.

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Michelle said...

I can now talk about Doctor Who! I'm hooked!! Rose is the WORST. THE WORST. UGH.