Our Marriage in Numbers

Posts like these have been floating around and I think it's kinda fun!

3 - zip codes lived in
3- lizards
1 - camping trip
3 - homes lived in
4 - family vacations
5 - TV series we've finished on Netflix
2 - fishies
1 - road trip
Countless... - weekend getaways
411 - days of marriage
~670 - days since we said we loved each other
682 - days since our first kiss
700  (exactly!) - days since we started falling for each other

It's fun to look at these and think about how far we've come. How much time we've spent together, all we've accomplished. I'm a person who likes to process things numerically (hence my lengthy debate with my sister over how much of a musical I'd watch in trade for her watching how many episodes of Doctor Who....) But when it comes down to it, our marriage is not numerical. It hasn't been made up out of the days we've "made it" as a couple. It's been made up of the countless memories and experiences we've had both individually and as a couple.

Having been such a numerical person and studied the subject of data in depth, (well, more in depth than the general population...) I've found that people are not numbers. Sure there seem the be numerical trends that people follow, but I think the more you focus on those, the less your marriage is a marriage, and the more it is a list of numbers. 

So this post turned into a detailed numbers rant. I've been down lately about teaching again. The phrase, "Those who can't, teach", though oh so untrue, still gets to me sometimes and sometimes I wonder if I will always be the dumb one in conversations. But talking about numbers and data and stuff again makes me feel smart. I'm in a math class again. Feeling better again. That's great again.

The point is that while we can track our marriage and our time together in numbers, it has been anything but numbers. Each number up there represents a treasured memory, and a priceless experience we shared together. 

So there's that. 

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