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OK quick update because I'm crazy bored but only have 15 minutes until class starts but the boredom I have right now is REAL!

First I thought I should let you all know that Brazil totally lost that one game, and Germany did a great job. So thumbs up to those guys.

Second... the U is a great school and I love them but they also like to give me intense heart attacks. And that's all I'm gonna tell you.

Third, if you've asked me to design your blog for you, just know that I haven't forgotten you, I'm just working on a lot of stuff and sometimes forget things so just email me and I'll get going on that again.

Fourth, just one month left at my job. Literally one month. Oh my. Let the panic start.

Fifth, wait. HOLY CRAP. I'm gonna be a TEACHER in a month?! AN ACTUAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER?! This is all getting real.

Sixth, I had a really wonderful fourth of July holiday with my in-laws. I can't believe how lucky I am to have such amazing people in my life like this family. They are all so wonderful and easy to talk to. We have such fun together, and their kindness and love they give me is just overwhelming. Quick run down of my forth of July...

Got to know cousins I've never met before and now they're my forever buddies.
Went swimming.
Didn't actually go swimming but learned I'm still very allergic to chlorine.
Read a great book.
Aced an exam.
Had way too much great food.
Climbed a mountain.
Jumped off a perfectly good and safe cliff.
Panicked at Joe doing the same.
Was totally wowed by little cousins (I'm talking 7 years old) doing the same.
Watched some magic. I'll tell you about my deal with magic on a later date. But it's my favorite.
Did a skit with Joseph.
Finally saw Les Mis the play. Still haven't seen the movie.
Was in a dome of fireworks. It was about as close to being in that Disneyland arena all those years ago as you could get without going back.
Learned a lot about Joseph's side of the family, and felt a connection to people who I've never met, nor ever will in this life, but it was powerful.
Got to know that side of the family.

It was just a great weekend. I was exhausted by the end, but I'd do it all again if I could.

There's a guy hard core snoring in the booth next to me. Now I've got to run to class. Thanks for filling my boredom for those moments, folks!

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