Advice for Junior Me

This was just an awesome year. A real highlight for me. I met the man of my dreams, I had a car, I had an awesome job, I loved my classes... just a great year. That being said, I have a whole bunch of advice I would have given me if I could go back. This is advice I'd give a lot of people in college, actually.

-Network. Net. Work. Do it. I know you're not the most outwardly social person and talking to people you don't know scares you. Maybe it's because your mom always told you not to talk to strangers and maybe it's because you're telling your preschoolers not to talk to strangers. But you're an adult and they're not strangers, they're classmates. It's important to network because you will, whether you like it or not, have group projects, and it's much easier to do those projects when you understand the people you're working with. And eventually, in the long run, who you know is a big deal in getting a job. So know lots of people.

-I know you're gonna get out of debt before the wedding but don't get into it in the first place. There's wants and there's needs, and you should put the needs first. You can stand to have some wants, but there's really wants and there's kinda want because I'm boreds. It is just like hitting your head on the ground digging yourself out of debt. And it's even worse to realize that the money you're putting aside to pay off debt could have been put aside for savings. Debt can be unavoidable but also, surprisingly avoidable.

-Attendance in all of your classes wasn't always mandatory. While it's important to go to your classes, it would be great if you could take off early a few days and go up to visit Grams. You'll really be glad you did, and regret it if you didn't.

-Remember how I told sophomore year to get it and see a college career planner to get classes laid out for the next forever? You didn't do that. But you should now. It's great to imagine what life would be like if you could take classes whenever you want, and whatever classes you want, but that's not a luxury afforded to those who wish to graduate.

-There's a difference between fit and healthy and just straight up thin. Choose fit and healthy.

-AAAAANNNNNDDDD lastly? That guy you like will propose eventually. Stop waiting for it, stop sitting on the edge of your seat, it'll happen. Meanwhile, live in the moment and really appreciate the dates for being wonderful opportunities to get to know that husband of yours.

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