A little red neck fun

I think I was in elementary school or something when my parents bought our four wheelers. There were two of them, a big one and a small one. I liked the small one because it was peppier, but the big one was fun for big family outings. We'd ride them around on "dry lake" up at my cabin. Dry lake was the parts of the lake that had dried up. So they were sandy and sometimes muddy, and it seemed to stretch on forever, to my little mind. Or we'd ride them on bumpy road, which was an ORV road just behind my cabin that went high up onto the mountains. It was a blast.

And when I was thirteen I fell off one and broke my ankle. That experience was followed by several other bad experiences, such as going up a too-steep hill and the fourwheeler flipping backwards and almost rolling on top of us, or one time I somehow drove over my own foot.

It was a learning curve. They're tools of recreation and you're bound to get hurt using them. I wouldn't say ATVs are incredibly dangerous, really, if you know how to drive them and exercise safety. Nevertheless, after those experiences I was mostly done with the things. I'd go on incredibly slow drives around the block and that was about it. They frightened me. Until someone offered me the chance of driving one, and I sat on the back and never wanted to get off.

A few years after that, a family friend crashed one of them, totaled it, and we sold the other one and decided life was fine without them. Once my dad bought two more but he sold them before we got the chance to ride them. And then this year he bought two more and we're keeping them for real now.

We took them out to Little Sahara sand dunes this last weekend, my parents, Joe, and I. It was just a BLAST. The sand went on forever and ever and ever and you'd get to drive places where it looked like no one had ever driven, because the wind had blown away tire tracks. There were no roads to stay on. The place was our playground. It was an unusual place too, I've never seen sand dunes like that before. I haven't had such a thrill in a long time! We came home coated in sand, slightly burned, scratched from the sand and the wind and oh so tired, but that was living. Here are some pictures we got!

Mobile photo so it's buzzy looking. So is the next one.

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