Random Thougths

With a 7:30am class, it's dangerous when teachers turn off the lights. My brain is already very sensitive and ready to go numb at any moment. Sometimes the lights being on is the only thing keeping me awake. And sometimes even the lights being on doesn't keep me awake.

I'm a little frustrated with PLL. Very frustrated with it. And I'm even more frustrated that I'm stuck on watching it. But Joe went out of town and I do rash things when he's gone like watch PLL. Seriously, how come this town still exists? People get murdered all the time. And there's lots of accusing going around but no one ever really gets in trouble. And the girls are just ok with being threatened with death constantly. They're really good at using their cell phones to call each                                                                                     other but never ever call 911. What's up with that?

Sometimes I feel isolated in school. That's a confession. I'm the odd one out in most of my classes, and I don't know why. But that feeling of being left out definitely is not the best. Especially when home is miles away and I'm stuck here for how many hours. But hey. It's the last year. And my main focus isn't gossiping at the tables, it's getting my work done and getting out of this place.

Fall is coming. The leaves are turning colors. It's been raining. When the sky is blue, it's REALLY BLUE. And it's too cold in the mornings for just a light sweater. I can't wait for hot chocolate and new Teavana flavors to try. And pumpkin things. And maybe our tomatoes getting ripe.

My Joe is just really amazing. He always is. This is no special occasion. But sometimes I need to remind him of that on my blog. You're AMAZING Joseph!

Student teaching has been AMAZING. I can NOT express how much I'm loving this. It's a dream. I'm just... Just very happy. And school was supposed to be overwhelming but it's not. Turns out they give you 2 weeks to do the assignment not so you can put it off for two weeks and then rush to do it the night before but so you can do two minutes of it a day and then you're done. Not bad, folks, not bad. Hopefully I've kicked my procrastination habit.

It's been hard to be "fit" lately. Or healthy. If you break your score of healthiness once by buying a huge bag of sour patch kids, then you're messed up for a while. And getting back to being healthy is gonna be hard. Wish me luck!

And P.S. Changes on my blog may be coming soon. Stay tuned. -A

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